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Monday, July 31, 2006

9/10 of the Law -- More on Hot Cops and Films

Old business first. I was asked several times if I had any photos from my adventures in producer and slash land. Why yes. Here they are. First, is The Privateers shoot with Karl Urban. Next is a mini shoot with Jason David Frank, our Power Rangers friend. The third is a fraction of the photos from the France adventure with Garett Maggart.


Forgive the late post of the blog. I've been distracted by a number of issues vying for my attention. The most amazing thing about having a scrip turned into a reality is the incredible amount of minutia that's generated. Because of something Jon and I wrote, Phil and I have to figure out many glamorous things like how many port-a-potties we need on a shoot and how often they should be emptied. And whether or not the large dumpster rental comes with complimentary landfill fees. The big concern though has been heat. How do we keep our actors' skin from melting off their bones like the Nazis at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark?

Of course, you may think it's because we want our actors comfy. Well, I do, but my 1st AD doesn't want to lose time which really is money. If the actors sweat, they have to change. If they have to change that's time and an extra costume. If they fall backward from heat exhaustion, it's a trip to the hospital and that loses time. The reason shoots feed everyone isn't because we have to. We just have to provide time for meals. It's to keep the actors from wandering away from the set. Yes, it's cold blooded, but that's his job. I do care though. And I do get to do some fun things this week like see how well the actors can ride a horse. I fielded a call today from an oh so perky agent's assistant who wanted to know if the call back at the Equestrian center was the audition with the horses. That's where the patience comes in.

Back to the books. "The Price of Surrender' has left the nest. The characters are resting though I suspect I may do a third novel set in that world. For now, I'm going full throttle on my cop novel. The title of the blog this week is the issue I'm fighting with.

The word is possession. I'm trying to subtly build the sexual tension between two men. One of them thinks he is straight. The orientation of the other isn't immediately apparent. Unlike typical slash ficiton, my main character doesn't immediately recognize his gay-ness upon meeting his soul mate. Thus I'm writing a seduction that may or may not be happening. The way I want the reader to know that what Hague suspects actually is happening is through Jordan's slowly growing possessiveness. It's not a Lifetime movie of the week kind of possessive. Jordan recognizes Hague's unhappiness and wants to ease that as well as protect him. When they are together, Jordan is in Hague's space as much as he can get away with. To the casual male observer at work, they got chummy quickly, but there isn't anything really strange other than no one thought Hague would ever be chummy.

It's a dance of subtlety that has be sensual enough to keep the reader intrigued. And it's slow going because of that.

That's all for now. I'm hoping to have excerpts next week.

Ah, this week's contest. That's a thoughie. I keep thinking I'll give a big prize to anyone who could tell me how to keep cattle cool during a shoot in a county where they've been dropping like flies. But that's hardly fair.

I was going to ask you who was The Pwer Station, but that's too easy. Tell me anyway, if you're inclined.

But this week's quiz question is Billy Idol and Tommy James and the Shondells had a hit with the same song. What was it? The Tommy James version is still popular at Philly weddings in South Philly. But that's not important. A Hard copy of 'The Price of Surrender' is the prize.

Until next time.


bamabelle said...

The song was Mony Mony I think. As far as the cattle, you're on your own lol. Hugs!

Deb F. said...

"Mony Mony" I found it interesting that it is still popular at weddings in South Philly.

Deb F. said...

"Mony Mony" I found it interesting that it is still popular at weddings in South Philly.

Sanjay said...

Mony Mony for sure!

robynl said...

Oh, I loved that song; Mony, Mony. I haven't heard it for ages.

As for the cattle, hose them down(lol).