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Monday, September 11, 2006

Dragoncon Part Two, Actors, Perverts and New Novels

I'm not sure how to do this in any kind of narrative flow, so I'll just do sub-sections with headers as they come to me. This will also be in installments as I'm tired right now.

Liquids in the airport

The new policy is a major downer. You see, I have to fly drunk. I have panic attacks at take off and usually sometime just before descent.And I mean, I need to be hammered. When I land, I'm sober as a judge -- that's really sober and a little cranky. That's how anxious I get. Part of my staying hammered through the rough spots strategy is bringing something onto the plane until drinks are served. Well, the new policy put the kibosh on that. Thus, I had to imbibe at home up to a point, then I had to buy very expensive drinks in the airport before I boarded. And I wasn't the only one with a problem. Two year old emily REALLY wanted a juice box before take-off, but her father had to toss them before entering the airport. That little gal could really shriek. I really felt for her. Luckily, I was sufficiently buzzed. Not so on the trip home. First, no liquor stores are open on sunday in Atlanta.

Geez. So there is not drinking before getting to the airport. And then the only place with a bar in the terminal we're in isn't open until a half an hour after we take off. Luckily for everyone on board, I was exhausted and I had some benedryl. I tranqed myself and slept through the takeoff. Then I had three bloddy marys before we got to Phoenix and a double brandy there. Since I don't see this policy changing, I'm going to have to schedule later flights.

Actors and Perverts

Like most of the actors in our lives, we have a strange relationship with Richard Hatch. To boil it
down, because of meeting him and his then girlfriend, Brannon Braga ended up with a printed copy of my Voyager Slash. That got me on Trekkies and heavily into fandoms which lead to the Garett Maggart connection and ultimately our first film. He also inspired us to actually try to film something ourselves with his own version of a new Galactica. That and thefilm Bowfinger are why we did the trailer for The Privateers and from that a full feature. He has been mentoring us one way or another since we moved here. So, I was tickled to be on a panel with him. I actually made sure to thank him for all that when I introduced myself. But I thought I would mess with him for most of the talk. Ha! I should know not to trust actors. First, he flummoxes me with musings on why his Tom Zarek character, and how he'd wished he'd spent more time on the prison colony. When I asked why, he said his Apollo never got laid on the first Galactica and he felt Zarek could get some action in prison. 'Like Oz!' I all but shouted, but the panel was starting. Then, Mr. Hatch calls me a prolific pervert(which is true, but not to be shouted through a microphone) -- all because I wrote a log about his Apollo and Starbuck in the Logs. See:


I think that may have put the prison sex idea in his head. Who knows. He wasn't the only problem on that panel for me. I was seated between Tahmoh Penikett (Helo) and Aaron Douglas (Tyrol), two adorable and incorrigible actor types who were saying the most naughty things to each other and to me. I lost it and mostly giggled through the panel. It was shamefu, yet I'm not ashamed. It was a hoot. Later, I was passing Richard's autograph table when he called me a pervert again for trying to get by without speaking. I think he forgot I actually know how to use a whip on men. It was a nice though weird encouter. we talked about writing and he said I'm talented enough to be doing original work. He didn't know about Sybpress, so I told him. He then told me about taking the plunge and adding erotic elements to his new novel. He wanted me to check it out. That's when he suggested the panel about eroticism in Sci-fi novels. And I think he was flirting with me. It was whacked. I also got to see Denise Crosby again. We meet in the oddest places. And we talked to Mark Goddard, whom I once loved when I was seven. That was really neat.

Starting a novel by accident

I've been struggling through my cop novel though I managed to do almost a chapter in my head while I was away. Since giving up fanfic, I haven't had excercises to get me out of writer's block. Then I got this pairing in my head from a show I'd been following for a while and a sentence that I couldn't get out of my head. I really don't want to write fanfic anymore, but since Sybpress is doing the anthology based on slash, I decided to do that pairing as an original story. It has been a godsend. I've been much more creative lately despite the film workload. I actually love working with these characters so much that I may do a novel with them. I'll do their first encounter for the anthology, but I don't think I can leave them alone until their story is really finished. that was the most exciting thing, writing wise, to come from Dragoncon. I even bought a bit of jewelry from the the show. I also bout a circlet crown ro remind me of Nikulainen and Sarianna. It was a good time.

More in a day or two. I still have to chronicle the kilt thing and old black superman. Then there's my Grandmom and Little Richard.

Meanwhile, here are some photos:


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