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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Craig, UST and Galactic Drama

Warning: If you find yourself here via a google search for such things as TV shows or films, recipes or cities, this blog has some facts. However, this blog is one author’s very twisted musing on many weird things. It is sometimes graphic in content. If you read on, don’t write to yell at me.

Craig Returns

He returns to this blog, that is. Craig hasn’t gone anywhere. In fact, we see more of him since the Archive went to a single shift. Craig enjoys putting Post-it notes on my monitor that say things like ‘work faster’ or serial notes on his great displeasure over being forced to see Hotel for Dogs. He can but a lot on a Post-it. When not decorating my monitor, he’s trying to plan annoying songs in my brain. Last week’s was Der Kommisar, an 80s one hit wonder by After the Fire. This doesn’t really work with me as my mind wanders to weirder things while working. And my revenge can be terrifying. Craig and I have Moms that like old Hollywood musicals. Those songs can be really hard to get out of one’s brain once triggered. I countered Der Kommisar with Too Darned Hot from Kiss Me Kate. I was left alone the rest of that shift. Incidentally, I found it frightening that that song was on Youtube.

Craig is still plagued by all sorts of bizarre problems. Lately, he’s become convinced that Juan Epstein (from Welcome Back, Kotter) is stalking him. I’m not sure, but I believe that he and his girlfriend thought the man was lurking on top of a nearby palm tree. At any rate, I’ve given up on trying to get him to install a webcam in his yard. Ultimately, I had to agree with Craig that if he didn’t witness or have a record of the goings on there, he’d never have to testify about them. My latest campaign with Craig has been to get him to write memoirs, not fiction. Craig is a gifted storyteller. That is why he’s had people interested in hearing about his weekends at every job he’s worked. At our dearly departed Borders, most of the staff would be excited when he showed up for his shift. We knew we’d hear some tale of weird adventures. I was prompted to launch this campaign after Craig complained of several bouts of writers’ block. I have enjoyed his fiction. He wrote the most twisted Christmas story I have ever heard. I’m disturbed and tickled every time I think about it. However, I can’t believe that there are any characters or situations that he could create that are as interesting and compelling as the ones he’s experienced. Craig balked at the suggestion. “There would be guys with Jersey accents coming after me with bats or crow bars saying ‘you said we’d never speak of that again.’ And little Phil would definitely sue me.” I can’t speak about the Jersey guys, but I know that Phil is in an entirely different place now than he was when we worked at Borders. I’m sure he’d find most of those stories funny. I think.

I have not been deterred in my campaign, however. There are plenty of stories that he could tell that wouldn’t result in homicides or legal proceedings. And for those situations that are on the borderline, like the incident with the dye pack a friend was carrying exploding in his car, I’m certain that the statue of limitations has expired. Craig has at least two books in him on idiot hikers he’s met on various trails and on top of mountains. Such titles as “Don’t go to Rattlesnake Canyon wearing shorts. Or Yes, bears really do like avocados. And Sometimes cougars don’t want their picture taken.” come to mind. In the case of Rattlesnake Canyon, it seems that many hikers thought the name was a metaphor, not a literal statement of fact. Oh, the hiking stories Craig has told. He got into a lot of mis-adventures on his own. That’s why his father got him a GPS locator a few Christmases ago. But he’s rescued enough silly people to become a Park Ranger himself. And then there are his animal adventures. There could be titles like ‘How did the sheep get into my dorm hallway? Why was the calf riding in the back of a Cadillac convertible? And Cow bites really bleed a lot.’ In the matter of the cow, that would be friends who failed to tip the cow and were soundly bitten for their antics. In the sheep adventure, Craig learned that his dorm-mates were drunken idiots and that sheep do not like going down stairs. And there are miscellaneous adventures like being kidnapped by MPs in San Diego who mistook him for an AWOL Marine. And the time he thwarted an assault on a woman on the beach in Pacific Palisades with the help of Mr. Whipple. He is a David Sedaris waiting to happen. My campaign continues.

Blood Oath - Baby’s got Backstory

It started as jotting down random notes on essential elements for the budget of the pilot for Blood Oath. Then, it was detailed notes for a treatment. Somehow, that evolved into writing the actual pilot script. It’s best that I do, because the script determines the schedule which impacts the budget. But I wasn’t planning on it right now. I have a lot of sketches to finish for post on the short film. [I will share the sketches soon. They’re almost website ready]. I still have to do the treatment and the list of elements, but this sort of took over all of my focus. What’s most intriguing, is that the pilot for Blood Oath will have no sex between Rik and Vincent. There will be a lot of Unresolved Sexual Tension or, in the vernacular of fanfiction, UST. In most UST situations, neither of the party realizes the nature of the problem. In this case, Vincent knows what his problem is. He just can’t do anything about it. Imagine how upset the young man (only 19, at this point) is a being thrown into a situation where he is in pain, confined to Rik’s office where the object of his UST is in various states of undress or asleep nearby. Vincent’s hormones are firing at their hardest, leaving him in a constant state of...consternation. Some yelling occurs. Rik is confused, because he can’t figure out why they’re fighting. Fortunately, for their sanity, there is a big and scary conspiracy involving missing nuclear components to distract them.

I know when I’m onto something with my writing when I resent stopping for anything like eating or sleeping or – especially – working. I spend the day writing in my head. Then, I try very hard to put all of it on paper before I fall over for the night. I really enjoy hanging out with Rik and Vincent, but I’m surprised at how quickly the supporting characters became real in the script. The expanded format allows for a lot more time with each of them. And they have to be defined only by what they say as the audience doesn’t have paragraphs of description for them. Writing them cinematically hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would. I supposed it’s because I’ve been living with them all for years. In the next couple of weeks, we’ll put up frames from the film as Jon replaces the green screen and applies the backgrounds. There are some frames I want because we weren’t able to get the photos we wanted without being in the way of the cameraman. There were some amazing action shots of Rik tossing Vincent or of the two fights that I’d like to share. I won’t give it all away. For the full impact, it’s best to see the finished trailer. But a little teaser never hurts.

Brilliant Writing and Galactic Drama
Warning! Spoilers for Battlestar Galactica. Also, Geekiness and writing talk follows

Before the series ends, I must take a moment to praise the amazing writing on Battlestar Galactica each and every week. I think it’s important to look past the cool ships and big guns and struggles between humans and Cylons and really listen to the incredibly well written dialogue. It is as stripped down and spare as the best in fiction or poetry. Each line means a great deal and has been crafted to provide the biggest impact. There was a four to six sentence exchange between Lee Adama and Saul Tigh during a vicious firefight in The Oath that summed up the entire war and all of the atrocities suffered in the four seasons. It was astonishing in its brevity and clarity. In the following episode, Blood on the Scales the struggle between idealism and pragmatism and the dichotomy between truth and justice is pushed to the breaking point. In a testament to the level of writing, I found myself empathizing with everyone on all sides. I understood their actions and recognized why each felt their decisions were proper. Even Tom Zarek (in a tour de force performance by Richard Hatch) was far more complex than the usual moustache twirling villain. This episode, I felt, was an anti-Trek episode. It even had, what I thought, was a tribute to the Jeffreys tube. But in this case, the tube made sense. The solution to the problem didn’t involve technobabble, anomalies or omniscient beings. It came down to sheer force of will of a few key people. This was drama that transcends genre. The latest episode, Deadlock, reminded me a great deal of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?. At the heart of it all, was a toxic marriage that had lasted for millennia. The dialogue was brutal and the couple seemed to not take any heed of the collateral damage until it was too late. I was so relieved that Ellen Tigh, the Cylon, was still a train wreck of a personality. It makes both sides equally imperfect and thus, endlessly fascinating to watch.

I wanted to follow with my rant on CSI: Miami, but I just can’t after thinking about such fine writing. It will have to wait for next week.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Disco Memorials, Unexpected Dilemmas, and Dancing Mutants

Warning: If you find yourself here via a google search for such things as TV shows or films, recipes or cities, this blog has some facts. However, this blog is one author’s very twisted musing on many weird things. It is sometimes graphic in content. If you read on, don’t write to yell at me.

Additonal warning: Old fogey talking about modern music and copious amounts od Disco.

Accidental Memorial

The friends of Harry Kenney who live out here have been trying to coordinate a memorial gathering in the weeks since his death. It hasn’t been easy. I thought we should have dancing as Harry liked to cut a rug. Mind, he wasn’t exactly good at most forms of dancing, but he had great enthusiasm. A high school chum and I taught him the basics of the Hustle, the bump, the Freak, and that line dance (for the clip, you have to watch past john Travolta in his underwear) from Saturday Night Fever. You know, the basics of Disco. Incidentally, I was given my only conduct dermit in High School for reviewing Satruday Night Fever. It was an immorality demerit. Ah, if they only knew. Where was I? Dancing, right. There used to be several ‘Disco Nights’ in this part of LA. I discovered that those nights – and in some cases – those places are no more. It was disconcerting. The big new dance club in West Hollywood touts every kind of dance music except that which you can dance to. Sorry, young-uns. The stuff playing today is good for bouncing up and down which is about all you can handle. I know very few under 30 that can actually dance. I’ll talk about one of them later.

We decided to have a dinner in Harry’s honor. He loved food as much as he loved music and had become quite the foodie over the years. He and I used to follow the PBS chefs in the days before The Food Network (and after). We got to meet Jeff Smith, The Frugal Gourmet, before the scandal. And when we were at loose ends, dating wise, we ate at a lot of restaurants in Philly, New Jersey and New York City. Food is a good choice for the memorial which is still in the planning stages, but I must admit to being disappointed about the lack of dancing. Then, a week after the Blood Oath shoot, we met with Matty Ferraro and a friend of his to have a beer or two at a small tavern near us. It’s a tiny place that only serves a fine selection of beers and wines. It’s really tiny, but has a full sized pool table and about 8 large screen TVs. You really can watch some sports in that bar from any angle of the room. That night, the booths had been moved out to make room for a DJ. Have I said this place was small? So we find ourselves crammed around a small, tall table next to the DJ. I wasn’t exactly happy about that as we were having a conversation in shouts, but then he started playing music I recognized. Matty and I were dancing on our bar stools. I requested Staying Alive. I knew that it probably was a re-mix with who knew what, but I had to try. Turns out it was a re-mix from Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion and one that I liked. We had a lovely chair dance and a toast to Harry. Dancing in that small space could have caused bodily harm. And seeing how I have been injured dancing with Harry (note, hold onto your partner when trying a dip.), he would have understood. I think he would have appreciated the thought.

There is a very nice video tribute to him on Youtube here.

Unexpected Dilemmas

Having been in LA for more than 15 years and having been involved in the film biz for about that long, there shouldn’t be any problems that come as an absolute surprise. Yet, there I was, minding my own business on my sofa last week, when a most unexpected problem arose. It is in conjunction with the tributes to Harry. You see, in the late 80s, John Stein and I were in an Irish pub. I believe it was Moriarity’s on Walnut Street. We were doing what geeks do in an Irish Pubs, drinking beer and talking about Star Trek. Particularly, we were talking about the Mirror, Mirror episode and how there was no lawlessness in Star Trek: The Next Generation. That discussion and my ongoing obsession with pirates lead to noodling out the concept for The Privateers on the back of a placemat. In the development of the series, Harry got involved and contributed a great deal. However, the idea for the name of the lead pirate, Captain Aran Dravyk, was John Stein’s. It was a tribute to Sir Francis Drake, also known as the Dragon. That was where the word Dravyk came from. Well, when the idea fell to the wayside after initial interest (first as an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation and later as potential first series on the Sci-Fi Channel), Harry used the name for his e-mail address. And that was the name he used in his career in adult website content. Now, there is a proposal for an award in that industry called The Dravyk. Well, The Privateers is no longer dormant. We’re shopping it about to make a very expensive feature film. While Hollywood is hardly innocent of Adult entertainment (it’s largely here), this sort of association could be problematic. Harry really wanted to see the project made, so this was quite a dilemma. Fortunately, it became clear that Harry was known by his own name as much as his handle in recent years. I think that an award with his name would be a far better tribute, and that solution would calm Ralph’s agita.

Blood Oath Developments

Post has been slow going. We have some equipment to acquire and some software to upgrade. Additionally, Jon has to figure out where all the Manga comic panels will be scattered through the live action. Meanwhile, I’ve been working on the character drawings and developing the pilot script and series bible. This is where the readers of the Soldier’s books get to have their way, so to speak. For cinematic reasons and to fill up a lot of air-time, I have to show Rik and Vincent prior to Vincent’s disappearance. The entire conspiracy will be covered in the front half of the pilot. Thus, the audience will get Rik and Vincent as they were before becoming a couple (Rik’s arrogance and Vincent’s temper). The audience will also experience Rik’s downward spiral after Vincent disappears. The audience will also meet Falcon Squad in full measure during the pilot. That sounds like a lot to cover, but a script that long is the equivalent of half of one of the novels. It’s a lot of time to fill. We have some idea of who some of the characters will be, but nothing is definite until I do a full breakdown of regular and recurring characters. We figure that the majority of the cast will be relative unknowns with a few TV star names (preferably from Science Fiction) in the mix. I have no one in mind for these parts (Dr. Auerbach, Gen Braun, Colonel Heisler, Percival Owens), but I’m open to suggestions. Meanwhile, I’m further defining my lead characters to fit the strengths of the leading men. Lance has a playfulness that I really hadn’t written into Rik but I must use with this actor. He can go from aloof and distant (while getting into his part) to suddenly warm and disarming. Matty is quite playful as well. There were serious moments during different scenes where he teased Rik or touched him playfully in a way he hadn’t blocked in rehearsal, but it looked good on screen. Aside from that, I discovered that Matty can dance. That young, lean body looks very good moving to a beat. I figure that Vincent will be dancing while cooking. The music can be real or in his head. And I figure that Rik would really enjoy just watching him move. I’m certain that the leads will bring more of themselves to their characters after the first draft of the script is written. I can’t wait to see what that will be.

Next Time: Craig returns. Find out why Phil may end up suing him, Anthony Bourdain and a word that rhymes with corn, and why the hell was Puff Daddy on CSI: Miami playing a defense attorney??!! I would have written more, but I really got distracted by the disco videos.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Musings, Oxen and a Long, Red Scarf

Warning: If you find yourself here via a google search for such things as TV shows or films, recipes or cities, this blog has some facts. However, this blog is one author’s very twisted musing on many weird things. It is sometimes graphic in content. If you read on, don’t write to yell at me.

Musings on Wings and Things

I’ve learned two things this week. First, it’s really had for me to write a blog during the week. Aside from a surprisingly rigid schedule (It’s a surprise that I actually have a rigid schedule. I always like to think of myself as free-wheeling and spontaneous), I am a lot more morose during the week. I am really tense and bleak. That may be because of the schedule or the crazy stuff going on with the films that only happens during the week. On any given weekday, I’m very annoyed or frustrated about something out of my control. It comes out in the drafts of blogs I’ve tried to write mid-week. Even I wouldn’t want to read those. The dust has usually settled for the time being by Friday night, and I’ve had a day of cooking therapy before attempting to write. Thus, I saved my stories from the shoot and other adventures for today. The second thing I learned as that I’ve developed a capacity for eating huge amounts of Buffalo wings . I don’t really have them when I go out. They’re always too spicy or not tender. I didn’t typically make them for the Super Bowl. My friends preferred a Betty Crocker creation called Mahogany Wings (wings baked with a molasses, soy, ginger sauce). I supposed that I was feeling more traditional that night, so I made a pile of Buffalo wings thinking I’d snack on them all week. Maybe it was the thrilling game or something. All I know is that I had about seven wings left from a three pound bag. Just disgraceful. I’m making more today.

Holi-daze part one 2009

The blog is three years old. That’s really hard to believe. It became more than a promo tool for the books a long while ago. I’m really pleased to have so many readers from all over everywhere. And I’m still tickled at how many stay after wandering onto the page from a Google search. And yep, I still get yelled at by people looking for topic on a search that I happen to be ranting about. I’m waiting for irate Amish folks affronted by my derision of those heaters. I don’t think they’d send an e-mail though. It’s not boring.

A belated Gung hay fat choy for the Year of the Ox. Since I am a Taurus and that’s sort of an Ox, I’m claiming this as my year as well. I think we’ve had a good start. It’s always fun to shoot something. Doing something proactive is far more satisfying than waiting for phone calls. The shoot and pot stickers from my favorite Chinese restaurant made for a nice start to the lunar New Year.

Film Updates

Having Blood Oath was fortunate these past few weeks. Since the New Year, we’ve had little movement on any of our projects with funding pending. Finally, Ralph let loose with a flurry of irate phone calls demanding a status report. Basically, few funding sources want to proceed with films while the SAG situation remains unsettled. While we understand this hesitation, it was a bit vexing to not be told what the issue was until we were yelling at them. While this isn’t a no, it’s clear it’s not a green light. They didn’t want to tell us this out of fear of us moving on. No one involved in film knows how to say no, or more to the point, they don’t want to say no absolutely for fear that the project will gain success elsewhere. Our favorite casting director said that the reluctance to pass on a project goes back to Star Wars. A lot of people who turned that film down before Fox accepted it were fired. From then on, it is really hard to get someone to officially pass on a film. That’s how a producer ends up in a situation like Watchmen. In short, Fox was pitched the concept about 15 years ago. They did nothing to develop it. In fact, some execs were derisive about the script. When it finally gets made by Warner Bros., Fox sues saying that they never released the film for development elsewhere. And they win. That is really galling, and I don’t give a hang about Watchmen. The trailer is gorgeous, but I have no clue what it’s about. Jon who is a huge fan of the comic can’t really explain it to be in five minutes or less. I believe all this fighting is for a film that will be a flop, because a general audience will be fixated on why one of the characters looks so much like Batman. The principal of the thing is, if you don’t want a film, let it go. We have a script that’s been in the possession major actor’s film company for over 10 years. We’ve thought of sending it birthday cards. Ralph recently had an opportunity to ask about it at said company. It’s still ‘under consideration.’ Bullocks!

Where was I? Oh, yeah. The upshot is that the Gunslinger and Luv U 4 Ever won’t have start dates until some time after SAG has settled with the studios. Meanwhile, post has begun on Blood Oath.

Anime vs Yaoi: Blood Oath Shoot Part Two

I never interfere with Jon directing. That surprised a number of people who know how much I like to be involved in productions. There can only be one person in charge on set. What we do while in script page is work out a common view on what we want to happen on screen. This is usually pretty easy. Jon and I have been doing this for a long time, after all. In this case, we made assumptions about each other that proved to be problematic during the shoot. We are both anime heads, that’s for sure. Thus 80% of what Jon wanted to see on screen for this pilot presentation was the same. That 20% caused some moments of tension. In a shoot that short with a very long shot list, sudden changes and additions have a big ripple effect. Jon was focused on the emblematic anime moves. I needed to see some more of the tender moments between Rik and Vincent. Don’t get me wrong. There were a number of very pretty kisses, but I wanted more of something Jon calls the ‘wa’ moments (Basically, he’s using the term from Japanese baseball as the moment before a ball is pitched. It’s a being completely in the moment while anticipating the next). Those were difficult to fit in during such a jam-packed shoot. However, there was one bit I insisted upon. It was a playful spar between Rik and Vincent that was a corollary for the beach meditation scene. I emend to have those scenes inter-cut during the opening credits. It got shot and it was really cute, too. Our Rik and Vincent can do both playful and dangerous very convincingly. The scene was worth pushing for. The other very Vincent thing that Jon set up blocking for was Vincent fiddling with the food (tasting and seasoning) the guys were eating in the abandoned warehouse. He wanted to establish the character as a talented cook. By the way, the meal they are was my Boeuf bourguignon. They guys had to really eat the food, and I wanted them to have something nice.

The biggest problem we had during the shoot was with Goggles’ red scarf. It wouldn’t stay up on his face even with double stick tape for more than one take. The constant fussing with that danged scarf was quite reminiscent of Dr. Bassett’s ever changing neck ties in Demon Under Glass. In that case, Jon was shooting scenes from several different days. The lab coat and pants and shirt were always the same, but the necktie was supposed to be different every day. Keeping up with the continuity almost from take to take nearly put a strain on our marriage. The scarf wasn’t as bad, especially after I told them they could pin it. Jon had been reluctant as it was one of my scarves from our last trip to Paris. It cost 3 Euros. I could cope with the holes to speed things along.

Thanks for all those who wrote notes congratulating us on overcoming the specters of Demon Under Glass. I appreciated the thoughts, but we had some mishaps in this project that are an ongoing concern. They will be resolved this week, however, leaving us free to deal with the biggest challenge of the whole presentation – post production. Oh, the whining there will be during that. And for those writing for a more in—depth explanation of the trauma during the Demon shoot. I may indulge (the stories are usually very funny to everyone but the survivors), but not this week.

The most exciting part of completing the Blood Oath shoot is I’ve got stories in my head again that are eager to be written. Jon and I worked out what needed to be in the full pilot and what could be in episodes. As soon as we had a working frame, whole scenes began popping into my head. I haven’t had that strong an urge to write since well before Christmas. As always, that kind of creating makes my general outlook a lot brighter.

There’s much more to tell and more photos (go the weblink for more photos) to share, but I have to get on with the rest of my day. Stay tuned.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Ghosts, Snacks and Super Stuff

Warning: If you find yourself here via a google search for such things as TV shows or films, recipes or cities, this blog has some facts. However, this blog is one author’s very twisted musing on many weird things. It is sometimes graphic in content. If you read on, don’t write to yell at me.

Super Distraction

It was a very fine Super Bowl 43 despite the lack of Philadelphia Eagles. Bruce started his set with 10th Avenue Freeze Out and the audience knew the words. Cardinal Offensive person number 11 had the nicest tush I’ve ever seen in football. And the score was so close that it didn’t beat the spread. I had lovely wings to eat and a lot of ads to laugh at. I’m looking forward to GI Joe and Transformers 2 which both look stupid but kick ass. I’m surprised to want to see Land of the Lost considering that I really hated the TV show, but Will Farrell won me over. And Star Trek still hasn’t told me what the actual film is about nor did it make me laugh or think it was bad assed. In my opinion, it remains doomed to failure. Now, that I’ve gotten past that, on to last week. This will not be as long a blog as I’d intended. I’m still recovering from two days of madness. I’ll post supplements during the week.

Ghosts of Film Shoots Past

I knew it was going to be an odd week early on when I had what was one of the strangest thoughts to date during a production related meeting. I think ‘Is that grenade real?’ narrowly beats ‘How did I miss the 3 foot pentagram?’ for oddness. This was not, however, the oddest sentence to be uttered by me this week. It was definitely not the oddest thing I said during those two days in Santa Clarita. I think that would be ‘I am not asking Aaron if he has on underwear.’

Despite the new odd things that happened, I was struck by how many of our little company were bringing the baggage from previous shoots to this one. Marguerite and I were nearly paralyzed with dread figuring out what to have on the craft services table. Many of our most difficult moments during all of our shoots save for The Gunslinger trailer centered around food. These awkward moments have nearly shut down our shoots. Thus, I was as nervous as Marguerite over this matter. As it turned out, we did fine. There was much happy snacking and no complaints. A big thanks to Matty for providing the excellent coffee.

We had other anxieties going into that shoot. Our previous location in that area was one very low on amenities. There was a barely working toilet that I plunged repeatedly during two different shoots and nowhere to sit and eat. I made sure that we had our own toilet paper, paper towels and hand soap. I even put in reservations for a table and chair rental. These worries were for naught. One of the people involved with this location had been through the difficulties of the Demon Under Glass shoot. Thus, we needn’t have been concerned. There were very nice amenities even in the storage warehouse for the soundstage. There was more than one bathroom with all the proper paper products and hand soap. And there was a full sized, working fridge. That part of the shoot was nicely covered. However, this location was as soundproofed as the other one (though a quarter of the price to rent). The immense building was made of corrugated sheet metal, and the Santa Ana winds were blowing ferociously from the desert. The whole building shook from time to time, creating an amazing din. This didn’t matter the first day as we weren’t recording dialogue. On day tow, the winds weren’t quite as bad and the sound man had an idea on how to minimize noise. I haven’t heard the final tracks yet, so I don’t know if he was successful. If not, there is always ADR. Jon had his own deep misgivings born of ghosts of film shoots past. He was so accustomed of making locations from nothing that he wasn’t convinced that the empty warehouse we’d rented could pass as an abandoned warehouse even after seeing the photos. It caused me no end of consternation until we reached the site. Despite how well our previous efforts had gone, I had no idea until then how many of us had been traumatized by them. Mind you, none of us had the common sense to opt out of these high risk, high effort endeavors. Oh no... though, in our defense, we had heard that doing ‘no budget’ proofs of concept were now all the rage even with big studios. The nifty company that rented all of our bad-assed military gear was doing much the same thing at the behest of Sony and with some very big names. So, we’re not entirely nuts. I must admit, however, that I found that information more than a little depressing.

All of the elements were in place. The question that remained was could these flesh and blood characters match those that had lived in my prose and in my head for more than two years?

Next time: Anime vs Yaoi.

Blog Delay and Photos

I'm working on the blog, but there is a lot to cover and a Super bowl to watch. It should be up later today. Meanwhile, there are photos and the script from the shoot to entertain you all.


Enjoy and check baack later!