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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Month of Fun 2013 - Part One

Me lately.

Month of Fun 2013 - Craig

Craig called me to find out what Whitey Bulger's http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whitey_Bulger defense strategy would be. Of course, he was right that I would be keeping track of the legal proceedings. He often contacts me about sudden developments in the world of organized crime when he's out of contact with the media. I do the same when I'm a bit off the grid. This time, Craig was harassing rattle snakes during a hike into the mountains. It's rattlesnake season. Yes, we have that season in California. Craig and I are from an area and an era of the last big mob wars. Thus, such news is just something we keep track of when media watching. At the time that Whitey went on the lamb, I joked that he had to be in Santa Monica. And he had to be a denizen of the 3rd street Promenade. I was just as certain that he had to have been a frequent guest of Borders Books &Music, store #93. When it was discovered that the FBI's Most Wanted was in Santa Monica and that his hideout was full of books, we weren't surprised.

The conversation with Craig was riotously funny and completely inappropriate at times. My sides ached from laughing hours afterward. Sometimes, I think he senses that I could use a good belly laugh. Craig seems to call when I need it most. I count his calls as a gift to me. Thus, Craig is always a big part of the Month of Fun. I make sure to make time for as long as the sometimes rambling conversations take. I find chatting with him is always worth the time.

You see, indulgences during the Month of Fun are not always tangible things. The thing they all have in common is that they make me feel good. Sometimes, it's a conversation with Craig or an encounter with a favorite actor. Sometimes, it's happening by when the guy two doors down leaves for the beach shirtless and wearing tiny swim trunks. I think that is a present for everyone! Sometimes, I do a good deed as part of my Month of Fun. I won't talk about those save to say that sometimes it's good to slow down and notice things that need to be addressed and help where possible. Most of the time, that costs nothing but a little time. Now, don't get me wrong. Most of my MoF indulgences have been just that and with a capital 'I.' More on that later.

MoF 2013- Birthday Blahs

The actual birthday was really low key. I awoke with a painfully sore, raw throat and the fuzzy headed feeling that heralds the onset of a cold. I was not having that. I did let it set me back for the weekend, but I had other weekends. I decided to rest with hot toddies made from the fine bourbon and brandy I bought for the Kentucky Derby the week before. I consider a well made soup and long naps indulgences as well. I made a glorious cream of chicken soup to go with the onion flat bread I had left over from pizza dough. That was great for the light meals I could tolerate. I had flavorful clear broth when I couldn't cope with more than that. It was a restful day and weekend. Another reason that I began celebrating the entire month was to keep from putting pressure on any given day. 

More photos from the past few weeks can be seen here: http://dlwarner.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_4232.html

Big Book News

One of the reasons I started working for Digital Manga was the hope that I could one day get them to distribute my Yaoi novels. That plan was hatched almost three years ago. Look at what's happened now!

The image in the right hand corner are two of my characters!
We're proud to announce that creator-submitted content is now available on eManga.com!
A fabulous variety of web comics, American manga, novels, and more from talented independent authors and artists is now available on eManga. Choose from over 50 newly launched indie titles! Chapter One Special Edition of Madeleine Holly-Rosing and Emily Hu's steampunk mini-series, Boston Metaphysical Society, begins the thrilling tale of an ex-Pinkerton detective and his new spirit photography partner in the backdrop of late 1800s Boston. Madison Hawthorne and Bryan Golden bring an intriguing tale of high stakes and royal bloodlines with their comic series, King of Sweden: Last Bloodline. In the charming comic One-Shot!, Rejena Smiley tells the story of an author struggling to find her way out of writer's block. In A Soldier's Choice, D.L. Warner writes a tender novel about two “Altered” soldiers battling the militaristic system they live in and their forbidden love for one another.

So much is happening so fast this month that I have to end the blog here or it would never get done. Next time, I have some film stuff to talk about and some exciting meals to talk about. Like - What is going on here with this Star Trek Character actor?

I'll leave you for now with the strange dream that I had.

I had the strangest dream about my MOAS. I dreamed that it was being done as an outpatient procedure at an office in a strip mall. For some reason, the surgeon sent Jon to the sandwich shop next door to borrow their tongs. But the sandwich people couldn't spare the tongs. They sent him away with a 'goopy' turkey sandwich instead. I woke up then. All I had to eat before dinner was a lovely piece of tiramisu cake. I hadn't even had any wine! Maybe that was the problem.

Stay tuned for more Month of Fun 2013!