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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Big Reality Check, Boiling Wigs and Salarymen

I had hoped to begin this blog with the boiling of the purple wig weeks ago, but that was not to be. I was so crazy busy that I couldn't keep up with day to day obligations let alone blog. And then, there was Bent-con (http://Bent-con.org ). I'd say 80% of everything we were doing was focused on getting ready for that. Everything else got shoved violently into a corner. I can't even tell you how many writing deadlines I've blown. I'm still sifting through the wreckage of my writing career. I can't blog about Bent-con now. I'm still sorting out the information that I learned there and put it with the proper hat I was wearing at the time I learned it. That will take some time. I'll put a link to the best cosplay costumes and some of the fun photos I took at the end of the blog for the time being. There is also a link to the interview I did while in the booth. Some say I did well with it. I was nervous – it's been a while since I've been on camera like that – so I wasn't sure.

Boiling the wig was fun. The whole notion tickled me. I got the idea from youtube – and not from avid cosplayers. Oh no, it was from women like me. Sistahs who like to wear wigs. It's a trait for some from my ethnic background to wear incredible Sunday going to meeting hats like it is for wearing lots of wigs. My Maw-in-law will note here that originally, that the people who were going to meetings on Sundays were Quaker, and Quakers are not likely to wear big fancy hats. I have no idea how that phrase came into being. Where was I? Oh, yes, wigs. Apparently, there are bunches of videos on Youtube like this one  http://youtu.be/Z7mTVtpTDN8 from the sistahs who wear wigs and how to keep them fresh and new. That one has a long opeing, but it gets to the point after a minute. I enjoyed the task as it reminded of playing with doll hair when I was little. I wasn't happy with the costume, I must admit (see photos below), but everyone agreed that I looked great in that wig. So, I wore it again the Tuesday before Halloween at the Culver Hotel while Marie wore her epic top hat and at Bent-con with a different outfit. I may wear it for other occasions. Heck, I may get some other crazy colors. Those wigs were fairly cheap. It was fun to not be completely myself. The wig gave me an exotic persona. It was also nice to get all dolled up. I suppose I get why actors like acting.

On Priorities

I was brought up short in recent weeks. It was a violent upending of my views on the illness I fought and the realities that could be visited upon me. Someone from our cancer group that we thought the strongest amongst us is weeks from needing hospice care. She had had a couple recurrences of her illness, but she seemed unstoppable. Now, she isn't. I know that I cannot compare illnesses. Though we have the same overall diagnosis, there are so many sub-variants along with degrees of severity that comparisons are pointless. Still, I was harshly reminded of all of the promises I made myself while I was in that ICU and how many of them I have gone back on in some fashion. I am ashamed to admit that I have not done a number of things that were in my grasp to do. And I have done a number of things I swore I'd never do again. Some of the latter have actually caused me health problems. I am not ignoring the wake up call. I am going to do a lot of pulling back on obligations and focusing on the things that I have direct control of – mainly my fiction and my very tiny film projects (the ones I shoot in my own living room, for example). There will be no more pushing projects with people who do not share either my enthusiasm or work ethic. I have been sternly reminded that the time I was given was a precious gift. I will not be taking it for granted anymore.

Deb vs Japanese – Costco Edition

I try to avoid Costco on Friday afternoons. It can be a source of great aggravation. Alas, occasionally, the schedule does not cooperate, and I found myself navigating through dense configurations of cars and shopping carts. This store is cavernous – at least the size of a football field. I think it may be bigger. Sure feels like it is. Despite it's size, it fills up with people and carts really quickly. This is especially true on Friday afternoons and on weekends. There are also samples being handed out at intervals at the most inconvenient places that make for frequent bottlenecks. It is in this situation that I find a wall of men in suits that is five guys across slowly walking along and looking about like they had all the time in the world. I was in a terrible hurry, so I was instantly infuriated. They were speaking in Japanese.

Thus, I excused myself for interrupting them and asked for the American. I knew it had to be one in charge of this gaggle. They were all started by the irate American woman speaking really simple but competent Japanese, but one pointed to a crisply pressed and nicely coiffed blonde guy in a really nice suit. To him I said. 'Really? Five across on Friday afternoon?' He blushed and quickly moved the men to a single line. As I stormed past the lot of them, I heard one of the men ask if I was Okatu, a term for an obsessive fan currently most associated with manga and anime fans. Such pursuits do tend to be the gateway for Americans to the Japanese language, so that made sense. However, I replied in Japanese, “No, I am Fujoshi.” The men either shrank back or chuckled nervously as that meant that I was an extremely naughty fan girl.

I left rather amused with myself though I do long for the day when my Japanese will consist of more than brief utterances that are usually out of irritation. Though I admit that it is nice to live in a sliver of town where I can actually practice the language.

Next time – Bent-con report and the holiday baking season plans!

Stay tuned!

Photo Round Up for November 1-15

Photos will make more sense with the next blog. Probably.

Deb being interviewed:

Booth Babe Front

Me with darling Peter, Bent-con's Social Media Wiz.

Early smiles.

Our talented Booth neighbor.

Acid Trip

Booth swag.

Booth Silliness.

Waiting for the interview.

Cosplay dance.

Booth babe back.

Our lovely booth.

Dance Fever gone wrong.

Sunshine and a Twisted Sister.

Book fort.

Room mascot.