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Monday, November 03, 2014

I Only Swim Free*

Actually, it was a dog paddle crossed with the breast stroke. I didn't do anything resembling freestyle until the last lap. That was so slow that I'm certain the lifeguard couldn't figure out how I was staying afloat. *Nanase Haruka, Free! Iwatobi Swim Club http://free-anime.wikia.com/wiki/Haruka_Nanase.

I started aquatic therapy and swimming today at the nearby YMCA. I'd forgotten so many things about swimming that it was hard to believe that I was once good at it. I hate wrestling into a swimsuit while wet (must shower before getting into the pool). Then, after getting everything in place, I had to go to the bathroom. That reminded me of being an eight year old. I met some nice older ladies who were regulars at the therapy classes and the open pool afterward. They were really social and wicked with a pool noodle. That was a helpful device in keeping me from swallowing a lot of water in the deep end. Hey, I take help from everywhere.
I did pretty well for my fitness level and the very long spate of time from the last time I owned a pair of goggles. I'm a good kind of tired and should sleep like a stone. I also avoided eating at the Taco Bell down the street though I really, really wanted a half dozen or so crunchy tacos.

Now, I have to see how I'm feeling tomorrow. Incidentally, I did snap the goggles on my head once. That hurt. Never again.