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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Square Peg

Forgive my brief rant, but I am a dominatrix after all. I reserve the right to be imperious on occasion. I've been told by yet another book publicist that I'm difficult to define. I am not hard-core enough to promote in erotica circles. My language is too 'lyrical.' I need to be more frank and raw for that audience. Yet I am too explicit and kinky for the fantasy readers. They don't know what to do with me. That's nothing new to me. When my friends were listening to the Jackson Five's ABC, I was listening to the Beatles 'Sgt. Pepper.' I watch The National because Peter Mansbridge is damned sexy (no, I'm not Canadian). I'm subversive. But I'm not subversive for it's own sake. I take genre's I enjoy and write them through my own unique filter. I have been fortunate to get good reviews, but I'm hard to market.

I am not discouraged though. I know there are readers who like fantasy and long for something more than longing looks and chaste kisses. There are legions of women out there like me who wished that in nearly eight hours of the Lord of the Rings films, they could have managed to get Legolas or Aragorn or Boromir naked under a waterfall. I mean, those films were just hours long and all they managed to do from one to the next is put on MORE clothes! There were two women writers on those scripts, for goodness sake! Sorry, I've totally digressed.

I can't write fiction to fit a market. I don't want to sex up my website to make readers think I'm writing in a way that I'm not. That sort of erotica is either too crude for my taste or too Salome Otterbourne (Here's the trivia clue. Name the film AND the actress for a free pdf of the Gift of Surrender - you folks have been too sharp). I won't sacrifice developing character to get to the sex sooner, and I won't turn down the sex to placate those who want relationships frozen in the perfect world of a smoldering gaze culminating in that one kiss.

I write what gets me off. Those who are daring enough to take the ride have enjoyed it. The highest praise I've received is that my portrayal of B&D made it sound not just enticing, but very reasonable. And I've been pleased that readers like the characters. The book is finding an audience. It slow, but it's growing. Now, I just need to find a patient publicist.

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Andria said...

Salome Otterbourne is a character in POIROT: DEATH ON THE NILE, and the actress is Frances de la Tour.

I Love Poirot, so the name rang a bell. :-)