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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Anniversary Blog!

Old Business

The bonus chapter for A Soldier’s Choice is complete. I’ve sent it out to those who have purchased the book. I believe I’ve sent it to all who have won an e-book. Please, let me know if I’ve missed anyone. I still have one winner who has not contacted me with an e-mail address.

Blog Party Chat Reminder

The chat will be this Sunday at 4pm PST (that’s 7pm EST) in the chat room on: http://soldierschoice.com/dlchat.htm

Though the chatroom is on the Soldier’s Choice website, the chat can cover any of the novels, fanfiction, my work in film. I’ll try to answer most questions though I ma deny everything later. Also, my internet connection is fragile. I may disappear from the chat at any point. It’ll take a minute or two to get back. Be patient. But do come out and have some fun.

Pop Culture References – No, It’s Not Your Imagination

As I explained in my blog of 08/29/2006, I am a pop culture maven. References to things I like to watch tend to end up in all of my writing. In the most recent version of The Privateers, there is a funny and pivotal scene that is fueled by an obscure reference from one of the Thin Man movies – and not even a well-known film from that series. It tickled Jon and me, so in it went. I’ve been asked by some very sharp readers, who also watch entirely too much TV, whether what they were seeing in my work was a reference to a film or TV show. I was really impressed by the fanfic reader who spotted the Pooty Tang reference in a Due South slash story. But I was most disappointed that no one noticed the All Simpsons installment of The Secret Logs of Mistress Janeway. I mean, I can see readers missing the Eddie Izzard or Invader Zim references in the later Logs (63 and 64), but how do you miss the Simpsons? Ah well. The answer to the questions raised is, if you think it’s a reference, it probably is. And yes, there are some in The Gift of Surrender, The Price of Surrender and in A Soldier’s Choice. Find them, and I’ll give a big prize!

On The Anniversary of the Blog

I’m actually surprised to have written a whole year of blogs and almost one every week. When this was suggested to me by publicists, I wasn’t keen on the idea at all. I’m not really sure if it has helped my books sales, but I have enjoyed the experience. I am really flattered to have readers from far flung places around the world, and I hope that you all will continue to enjoy my lunacy. I hope to speak with you at the chat!

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