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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Pirates, Zombies and Horatio Cain

This is an early blog, because I will be in the Sybaritic Press Booth at the West Hollywood Book Fair tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll have the energy to blog my report on the fair tomorrow. I can’t promise. I’m really tired now, and there is still tons of stuff to do before the set up at 8am! For those in LA, come on down. We have some great events going on at the booth. Here’s the schedule.

Things I Haven’t Forgotten

No, I didn’t forget that National Talk Like a Pirate Day (yes, there is a website for that, too) was last week. While I freely admit to being obsessed with Pirates, I’ve never really felt comfortable talking like one. Well, I’ll admit to occasionally wanting to shout ‘Avast me Hardies,’ but the right occasion has never presented itself. Said in the wrong place or time, people may believe I’ve blown a gasket.

I didn’t forget the contest, either. Alas, we have had no winners. I’ve gotten answers, just not the one I was looking for. There were two Mr. Belvederes and one Mr. French (a hats off for that retro answer). The correct answer is PG Wodehouse, the character that was the inspiration was Reginald Jeeves. I believe that Mr. Belvedere and Mr. French were versions of Jeeves, but that’s not close enough. I shall think up another quiz question next week.

Percival was created because Rik and Vincent needed a personal assistant who could protect them in civilian situations. Some of the fallout from their actions in the A Soldier’s Choice was an edict that they can’t use their skills if they are on civilian streets – unless there was a declared emergency. He’s a fun character to write because he is as formal as my guys are not. He has a very dry sense of humor as well. Thus, the Heron/Greven household remains very odd.

No Colorful Foliage, but Fall is Here!

My week has been filled with the new TV season. No, I didn’t catch any of the new stuff. Moonlight caught my eye, but all the people I know and respect on the subject of vampires have not been kind about the first episode. I was surprised that there were no positive reports. Since these folk are more open to this type of show that I am, it doesn’t look like I’ll bother. Jaime Sommers is the Bionic Woman and that’s the end of that for me. I do have my quota of questionable action/dramas with CSI: Miami (They all drive Hummers as their official vehicles. Miami must be dripping in gas money.). This year, Horatio Cain suddenly has a teenaged has a son. Since he collects children in every other episode, the orpahnarium (it’s a word, really. Futurama coined it) he must be running has to be full by now. And if that isn’t silly enough, they are bringing a character back from the dead . Jon is hoping for a zombie. I’m hoping they’ll do the Bobby Ewing shower scene with Horatio as Pam Ewing and Speedle as Bobby.

I’m less tickled when really good shows get stupid. We’re not sure if Mandy Patinkin bailed from Criminal Minds because he’s flakey or he didn’t like the way the series is headed. I know I’m not happy with the sudden emergence of nemesises or nemesi among the criminals and in their ranks. The show was very good at realistically portraying profilers and how they work. I mean the personal nemesis is Horatio Cain’s favorite plot device – not a ringing endorsement for the idea. Regular CSI disappointed us by not making Sarah Sidle the Miniature Killer when all the clues pointed at her and then not getting Sarah killed by said Miniature Killer. The opener was not very satisfying after what was a really good season last year. Ah well. There’s always next week. Cold Case was as always – filled with Philly. I watch it for the scenery and for the cops who remind me of my Dad’s partners from his days on the job. Now, it’s clever how they mix the LA stuff and the Philly stuff. We can always tell, but it’s still cool how often the show is really there.

The last premier I’m waiting for is Battlestar Galactica. The two parter in November will just have to tide me over until January. Now, I have to get back to my primer on query letters.

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