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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Strange Lightning, Free Bread and Beware Ohio

Warning: If you find yourself here via a google search for such things as TV shows or films, recipes or cities, this blog has some facts. However, this blog is one author’s very twisted musing on many weird things. It is sometimes graphic in content. If you read on, don’t write to yell at me.

Thunder With No Storm

If there was a point in time that was emblematic of this week was Thursday night. We were almost home when the sky lit up in a huge display of lightning. It was odd, because there were very few clouds in the sky. The bright moon and stars were visible in between those amazing flashes. Jon thought that there might be a storm raging over the ocean. The thunder was heard long after the lighting flashed, so it seemed that the storm was a ways off. The wind had picked up and it carried an ocean breeze that was mixed with the smell of rain. That seemed likely though none of the dopplergangers we watch mentioned any chance of a storm on the coast. We high tailed it home as we had no rain gear (heeding the advice of said dopplergangers), and the storm sounded like a big one. The rain never came. The next day we learned that the area had experienced a phenomenon called Dry Lightning. There was thunder and lightning but no storm.

That sums the week handily. We can hear and feel and smell and even taste the storm coming, but it’s not here quite yet. We sent out our multi-show pitch to the cable channel, including the series based on the Soldier’s novels, Blood Oath. Jon will be putting up the new pitches on the Dragoncor Web page later today. Some of my long time readers will be pleasantly surprised to see what the other two projects are. I can’t reveal where they were pitched or to whom. Hopefully, I will be able to before long, because they’ve said yes. Finishing that was a huge relief, because it takes a lot off of our very full plates. The focus can now shift completely to the upcoming feature. If the casting call comes out this week as plans, I can give actual details about that one. What prevents me from dishing on this shoot the way I did with The Gunslinger is that there are two other companies in partnership with us on this. We’re not free to talk until the film has turned up in a public forum like a casting call or the trade papers and web sites.

Anticipating a big storm is exhilarating and scary. I actually like thunderstorms, especially when I’m near the ocean. Judging from the amount of thunder, this film will be a lulu of an experience. We’re working on the development as much as we can with our regular schedule. Today, I’ll work out a rough shooting schedule based on the anticipated start date. That is important because it determines the actors’ pay rate. And we need that before the casting call goes out. It’s an immensely dull task. All this prep is exciting as it makes the film more real in my mind, but living on the edge like this is draining physically and emotionally. Let’s have the storm already!

The Longest Day

Well, it’s not the longest day we’ve ever had out here or the most stressful. That title still belongs to the last day of the Demon Under Glass shoot. It’s been six years, and I still get angry about that day. This past Friday was mostly annoying, because it was unnecessarily long. We received an edict from the landlord that we pile everything in our place in such a fashion that there is three feet of space from the wall or inspection and eradication. And we had to be out of the apartment by 8 am. Now, that sort of schedule works for 99 per cent of this building as they are all gone by 7:30 am (our bedroom window is next to the driveway). Jon and I get home after midnight and aren’t usually awake until 10am. Had the procedure been scheduled for the weekend, as it was last year, we could have gone to the movies and went grocery shopping to while away the time. As it was, we had to find somewhere to hang out until we went to work. Our partner got the honor of us sprawling on his sofa for several hours. The day began well and we got our best treat in some while. We had breakfast at this amazing French cafĂ© near here. We hadn’t been there in months, but the owners remembered us. We had a delightful breakfast and bought sandwiches for lunch. The lovely owner gave us two free batards for being good customers. That somehow made the rest of the day bearable.

Hanging out with our partner was an interesting experience. He’s a talent manager by day, thus he spends a lot of time on the phone and PC. He can talk on a land line phone, a cell phone and IM simultaneously. We often didn’t know when he was actually talking to us. I don’t understand how he does that and still managed to work on the film’s cash flow projections. His pace made me dizzy. We actually did a quite bit of work on the film. After that interesting morning, we had a full day at the Archive, the long trudge home and an apartment piled high with all of our stuff to face. I am beyond tired today. However awful Friday was, the batards we simple delightful with a lift smear of butter.

Beware Ohio

If any of my readers encounter strange phenomena like seeing a live calf riding in the backseat of a convertible or a large, colorful Macaw on your lawn who greets you with ‘Hi Lucky’ or there are inordinate number of rare and unusual incidents with bears, I have the reason. Craig is in your state this week. He is there visiting the family of his lovely girlfriend. He’s in the north east part of the state and the phenomena tends to be localized to his proximity. If you should start to encounter any weirdness, flee the area or seek shelter.

I’ll put up an announcement when the web site additions go up.

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