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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter 2009!

Warning: If you find yourself here via a google search for such things as TV shows or films, recipes or cities, this blog has some facts. However, this blog is one author’s very twisted musing on many weird things. It is sometimes graphic in content. If you read on, don’t write to yell at me.

This is ultra short for reasons related below.

I think I like holidays because I can indulge my cooking urges with wild abandon and no one thinks I’m strange. Like today (Saturday), I am making a huge feast for tomorrow. Aiding and abetting me were big, big sales at the supermarkets. I had a cart full of groceries and saved $54. Mind, I have no evidence that I’m having guests for dinner on Sunday (RSVP? What’s that?), and there are only two of us living here. But, we have a really great fridge and freezer, and I’m saved a ton of work during the week. Thus, guests or no guests, I’m having a grand time rattling my pots. Meanwhile, as I write this blog, I am listening to a French dubbed episode of CSI: Miami, courtesy of ma bonne ami there. Horatio Cain in French completely rocks. I think he should be speaking only French in the US version. The nearly bored aplomb suits him. It’s helps to have seen the ep a few times. I can actually follow it by just listening.

Flash Forward

My plans for Saturday were truncated by a number of things. The big one was my mercurial back. It was not in the mood for all the prep I had planned. Then I hit a wall with the Blood Oath pilot. I need an as yet unwritten scene before I get to the end. I am annoyingly close to the end of inputing this thing. It is Easter Sunday, and my plans have changed quite a bit. I’m still not sure who may show up, so I managed to get the rest of the food finished with Jon’s help. But I am sofa bound for the rest of the day. I’ll have a chance to write that missing scene. And I’ll be waited on hand and foot. That’s not a bad holiday after all.

I’ll have all sorts of updates on most of the projects next weekend. Meanwhile, Happy Easter! Enjoy my favorite film images from this holiday (though I know not why they are part of the Easter tradition.)

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