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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Familiar Feelings and Other Whimsy

Craig has given me the Happy Gorn to protect me at the new office along with a missive from Mister Hooves.. Alas, Jon and I seem to have re-caught the Thing Going Around the Office. I've had to postpone meetings set for Monday. I've decided answering the phone is not a good plan. Yesterday, I almost asked an investor 'Why you call me? Me need soup!' Even Ralph and some of the soundstage people are hacking up lungs. None of us think it's H1N1, but there is paranoia with each cough or sneeze. I'm just tired of the raw throat and the wet cotton in the brain. I'm finding it hard to comprehend the football games today. And the keyboard is blurry.

Strangely, other than feeling awful again, it's rather pleasant here. The weather is beautifully cool. The incredibly early Thanksgiving sales at our market prompted me to make a dry run at the turkey(that thing was 20 lbs for $7.00!), gravy and dressing. Thus, the apartment smells lovely. I'm also making some stocks from the leftover roast chicken carcass and the turkey carcass. There will be very yummy gravy and restorative soup in a few hours. Our short and long range plans are on schedule. Or they were. I can't look at the last list of resumes until I can read without my ears ringing. It's a minor delay at best. I hope.

So there are many exciting things on the horizon and much in the way of yumminess in the kitchen. Unfortunately, I can't really focus on the ode to the Phillies I wanted to do this week. It has a fabulous diatribe against sports coverage in Los Angeles. And then there is the preview of the CSI Trilogy this week. An arc involving all three shows is in the offing. Alas, all I can think about is my very raw throat and the ringing in my ears. Meanwhile, I will share the latest safety tip at the Archive and Ralph's latest method of leaving me messages. What will he do when the offices are finished?
Stay tuned.

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Nightowl said...

20 lb. for $7? Moi, here in Canada... very, very jealous