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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Delay of the Blog Monster

It's well into Sunday and I haven't started my main blog because of the smaller blogs that appear hither and yon on the interwebs. It takes me forever to post them all since half don't have an RSS feed. I'm slowly drifting toward separate blogs for my divergent interests. I'm resisting, but it's difficult. Today, I'm delayed because I found a site that feeds my yearning for obscure, strange and twisted anime and related fiction. Of course, they have a blog section. Someone wanted me to post a couple of my older blogs about my fanfiction. First, I've been writing this blog for 4years!!! How in the hairy heck did that happen??? Second, I had to dust off the blog and take out the contest I was running at the time. I will get back to those as I expect to publish a few things this year. I also added some links as I wasn't doing those when I first started the blog. That's when I found out there's a Wikipedia page for Demon Under Glass! None of us at Draggoncor/EarthDraggon did it, so thank you, kind person, whoever you are out there. Oh, BTW, the Deborah Warner listed is the British Director of the same name, not me. Freaky thing, I hosted her at a Borders reading. We have the EXACT same name Deborah Lynne Warner AND we almost have the same birth date (we're a year apart but the same day). She blond and quite British. Weird.

At any rate, all of the babbling is to state that the regular blog will be up later today really late or tomorrow. I'm distracted with finishing my holiday side dishes and dessert. I've also found some obscure and twisted anime series that is really distracting me. I will have a blog as there are a lot of writing type issues I wanted to discuss and there is some weird and wonderful stuff happening on the film front. And I want to talk about my holiday meal.

Oh, I want to tell you that though my blog is hither and yon, my first audience -- you lovely peeps -- get it first.

Stay tuned.

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