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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mid Week Quickie

Not a real blog, per se, but I thought I'd share some things about the interview shoot yesterday. This one featured thoughts on Joe McKay by Garett Maggart and Ben Yarmall by Ray Proscia. In both cases, desipte knowing these actors more personally than most of the others from the shoot, I was surprised at some reactions to their characters and what they considered their best and favorite scenes. And as always with these two, I have a lot of footage that I can't put up for public consumption. That was a nice bit of crazy that I remember well.

As always, I have to be mindful of spoilers. This pair of interviews has a lot of them. So, I'll torture you gentle readers and viewers in a different way. Please note, this is my own handiwork 'editing' a much longer and more provocative piece. Thus, I can't exactly call it polished.

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