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Thursday, August 19, 2010

DraggonTV.com is Live!

Welcome to DraggonTV.com

Sometime last year, I discovered that there were filmmakers I knew with films and shorts that had not yet found distribution. Most had edited very short versions of the longer works to run on Youtube in parts to compete with thousands of disparate posts uploaded hourly. We thought about this situation and decided that we could offer something better. Thus, DraggonTV.com was born. We are offering independent filmmakers a site where they can run anything up to a full feature to attract an audience. What's more, we can offer access to the distributors we've established connections with over the years of attending world film markets to pitch our own films and concepts. Though it shouldn't matter, the fact that we have traveled several thousands of miles to meet with people who are across town leaves an impression. Our company has such longstanding connections with distributors that we have gotten letters of commitment based solely on a concept. Furthermore, we can offer filmmakers guidance on creating onesheets and press kits that will assist them in their efforts. Though DraggonTV.com is open to all kinds of content, we're particularly interested in genre (sci-fi in particular though we also want horror and paranormal). Sci-fi as it gets the shortest end of the stick, release wise in film and TV. So, check out the page. Then, if you have a short, serial or feature you'd like to have us run, consult the Submissions page and follow the instructions.

If you have a product or service you'd like to advertise, check out our Ad page. Our rates are really reasonable as we are a start-up. We'll be running ads of up to 90 seconds at the beginning of the films shortly for those with book trailers and the like.

A big thanks to Lucy Doty for use of the incredible Central City Studio for our photo shoot. FILMMAKERS, this place is a must for any sort of genre shoot or medical or cop drama. They give tours seven days a week!

And as always, to our partners, Ralph and Margeurite Lliteras for their hard work and unwavering support.

Shout out to the Buckeye State

For some reason, much of the support staff for Dragoncor Productions is located in Ohio. It all began innocently enough. It beings with Bruce Kline, a very close friend from the days when I worked in Advertising in New York City. He is a composer, guitarist and singer as well as a radio DJ. Bruce and I have kept in touch over the years, and I have tapped his talent on a number of occasions as a composer. For DraggonTV.com, in addition to being the smooth voice that welcomes the viewer to the site, he is also the composer of the theme for 15%. His compositions will also be heard on the upcoming film short, Blood Oath. So, a big shout out thanks to Bruce Kline!

The next shout out goes to Randy Payne. Aside from being crew-guy extraordinaire on many of our shoots both big and small. He is an original set elf (you'll have to ask him what the heck that means). Anyway, aside from listening endless complaints from thousands of miles away, he's been helpful in connecting me with all manner of talent. Most importantly for DraggonTV.com, was connecting me to his good buddy, Bryce Holland. He is a talented web designer, and we were in need. Why go so far for a web designer? Los Angeles doesn't seem to understand such terms as 'small start up' or 'modest budget.' The average bid I received in response to my ad was 10 grand for the site and the team it would requires. We've never had that big a team when we shot a feature. So, Randy eventually got tired of my grousing about the whole thing and put me in contact with Bryce. I must say that he, like the other Ohio brethren, is infinitely patient with us Hollywood types. And his work is first rate as well. So a big thank you shout out to both Randy and Bryce.

More Changes

There will be additions to the page often, so check back frequently. We are adding behind the scenes interviews for Demon Under Glass and adding more shorts.

Stay Tuned!!!

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