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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Blood, Craig, Al Qaeda and Updates

I'm not sure where the week went. I didn't really do a whole lot. First, there was the heat. One morning at 6 am, it was 72 degrees. Needless to say that by noon I was wondering if humans could actually roast while waiting for a bus. Unfortunately, I had to go out for my various pokings and proddings and breathe the molten air. These few outings were all I could manage. I think I've written a grand total of three pages for the week. That's a paltry output considering how much is going through my mind. But that's what a low blood count gets you. And I wasn't being particularly brave about chemo being postponed this week. I really felt like crap warmed over. I was fairly certain that I'd end up being admitted from side effects (I barely avoided it during the last cycle). Believe me, I was grateful for the break. I don't like feeling so weak and tired. The days seem to drag by which is why I'm surprised that it's already Sunday.

Craig vs Al Qaeda

It seems there is an Al Qaeda sponsored magazine on Archive.org. So naturally, Craig has decided to poke at it with a stick. Thus far, he's praised them on their efforts to build their homoerotic death cult. That's resulted in the expected threats against him. The English is so bad though that he can't figure out if they want to re-circumsize him or behead him. I told him that I was fairly certain it was the latter. He's also trying to translate some of the replies. It's a lot of Arabic with his name in English sprinkled throughout. Patriotism comes in many forms, I suppose. And he is having a good time. Meanwhile, the garden is going to seed. In other Craig news, I think he's finally decided to blog. I'm not sure if the blog will be about his life or a random collection of rants against the Dutch. No one but Craig knows. I believe it's better that way.


There isn't much to report as I haven't been getting a lot of writing done. I know where the books are going as I have outlines for each that are about 30 pages long. Getting there has just been slow. The big new development is that I may do my own artwork for both books. Because what else would a person with fine motor skill issues do – take up sketching for the first time in decades, what else? That's not true. I did the character costume studies for the Privateers short because the prospective designers had never heard of low budget. Blind fury can really get those creative juices flowing. It's much the same reason for me sharpening my pencils now. I just can't justify the cost of an illustrator for the books right now. Luckily, I'm married to a man with an art degree and absolutely no guile. He'll let me know if the artwork passes muster – not matter the risks to his personal safety. Hopefully, I'll have an excerpt for next week.

Stay tuned.


Yvonne said...

Hi- I was thinking...have you thought of a dictate machine for those days that you are too tried to write but have tons of plot bunnies running amok?

DLWarner said...

I may have to do that. The recorders as so small and convenient now.