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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Interventions, Food, Friends and Writing Updates

For some reason, this blog is turning into an epic affair. I think I'm going to split it into two parts. Some of it is going to be cross posted to a pop culture blog that I write for. That part got a bit carried away. Seems that I'm harboring a lot of seething resentment about entertainment trends I find subpar. And there are some things that avid fans want that I really think are bad ideas. Yeah, I think I'll split them.

Food and Friends

I had a few interventions of sorts this week. I was on quite a downswing because of my physical state or the lack of progress in the improvement of my physical state. Mon amis, Sylvette put some things into perspective for me via her own experiences. She also concurred with my contention that one need not climb a mountain to celebrate being cancer free. I admire those that do, mind. I'm also impressed by dragon boat racers. But I've never been that kind of physical. That isn't changing. And Craig's idea of mountain climbing usually ends with him fleeing from a mountain lion or a vulture. Oh, I didn't mention that Craig was trying to cheer me up by offering to help me train to climb a mountain. I told him that my ambitions were aimed toward strolling down Paris boulevards with occasional stops at cafes for a little nibble and some coffee and some people watching. Sylvette told me of how wonderfully peaceful it was to enjoy a freshly baked croissant early in the morning when Paris is barely stirring. That and her advice cheered me up considerably. Oh, and Craig is still a very entertaining librarian. As soon as his schedule stabilizes, I plan to visit his branch. The third intervention was from Ray who scolded me as much as he uplifted me during the trip to and from the hospital this week. He has a highly entertaining way of scolding that only a Brooklyn native has – on top of that, he's an actor. Very amusing even when it's at my expense.

The food front was interesting. After much thought and consideration, I have decided to leave cooking fresh artichokes to the professionals. It's just too much work, and I'm too paranoid about getting a thistle down my throat. I don't need the pressure! The cooking I did this week reminded me of people who introduced me to the food. Making gyoza (potstickers) always reminds me of Ohio peep, Bruce Kline. He introduced me to them when we lived in North Jersey and worked in New York City. My knowledge of Chinese food was very limited back then. I fell in love with the crispy dumpling with the meaty filling. Fond memories. Sauteing mushrooms always reminds me of my favorite foodie hedonist, Nick, in Atlantic City. He was the first to show me how to make them and he had the best technique – same with properly cooking a steak on the stove or grill. But I was just making mushroom soup. Sizzling mushrooms always make me think of Nick and those really crazy cookouts. I finally found a wonderfully huge and really cheap pork shoulder that made delicious pulled pork. That always makes me think of my Dad though he now uses my method of roasting the pork slowly in the oven.. He used to do his in a DIY 55 gallon drum turned smoker. That's a bit elaborate for him nowadays. Mine is done in a very low oven over a whole lot of time. Fond, fond memories and some really good food help with my blue mood this past week.

Activities Updates

Thank you all who ask about how my work outs and other interests are going. I am still shaking my bunda with eh Bollywood workout. I can only manage that one or twice a week. I just received my yoga DVD and will start that tomorrow. It's designed for people with joint pain and mobility issues, so it's what I need. I'm still walking about ten miles a week, but I may shift that from around the neighborhood to the nearby mall as the heat and blazing sunlight isn't a good mix with my meds. I think the reason I was frustrated this week is that I am working very hard on building my strength but the improvement is very slow. Ah, well. As for the Japanese, that's coming along as well. I have books on the basics and put some time into a few times a week. I'm also watching my anime without the subtitles and trying hard to hear the words. I'm not ready to attack anyone at Mitsuwa market yet though. But I am enjoying the process.

Writing Updates

The first draft of Ensnared will be finished sometime this week. I'll leave it alone for a week or two, make some additions and revisions then send it on to my proofreaders. I have another erotica project that will occupy my focus along with finishing the latest Soldier's book. And I have a script to finish. I have a detailed schedule of when I work on each project. The pages are getting done as planned for the most part. My schedule will slow down only when I'm having unusually difficult physical issues.

Meanwhile, Jon is finishing up the work on the Soldier's Choice based, live action short, Blood Oath. That will premier in October along with a publishing frenzy and updates to the websites with excerpts, artwork and more!

Stay tuned!

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