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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Missed Update, Big Thanks and Craig's New Thang

I wasn't sure there would be a blog this week. My plan to attempt a fancy crepe dessert (filled with tiramisu cream filling and drizzled with a chocolate and coffee ganache) before today was thwarted along with most of my plans. I was having one of those rough weeks were a task that required more than a keyboard, a remote or anything I could reach from the sofa, didn't get done. The projects in motion beyond those parameters still can't be discussed. I was thwarted even today. Reading Food Rules and the horrifying Tomatoland has made me more determined than ever to support the Farmer's Markets around here. But I am still having trouble with pain and sleep, so an early morning start is not in the cards right now. Truth be told, I never liked an early start on a Sunday. I always made sure that one of the says off during my shoots was Sunday. Fortunately, there is a Farmer's Market a short ride from here that doesn't start until 3pm on Tuesdays. That I can handle.

Deb vs Japanese Update
But my readers came to the rescue with an initial topic. I forgot and update in my epic year end round up. How is my Japanese coming along? The short answer is that it is coming along. I have not been actively practicing since before the holiday craziness began in November before Thanksgiving. However, I have been passively working on it. The manga editing has me doing a lot more reading of Japanese than I ever thought. Though I'm using a script that is translated into basic English, there are things that are untranslated that the Letterer and I have to figure out. Sound FX Like a door slam or a beating heart were often left in Japanese. The symbols for the sounds turn up in all sorts of words I see in the manga or Mitsuwa Marketplace. I can hear and understand more and more as well. Aside from relying less on subtitles when I watch anime, I was really excited when I understood what an elderly Japanese lady was saying. I was in a Ralphs Market  (no, there is no apostrophe, that's a family name) I frequent, I heard the lady ask her son how much some nuts were. That was a really cool breakthrough for me. I really surprised the pair by reacting at all. Then, I threw in a pardon me and have a good day. That was unusual as I am very shy about speaking the language. I desperately don't be another fangirl mangling the accent. Getting the accent right is tougher with Japanese than it was with French, because I don't have an instructor to guide me. Still, it's coming along. I'll be actively studying and practicing again starting this upcoming week.

Big Thanks
Speaking of readers, I send a big thank you to all who commented publicly and privately to the last few blogs. Many of them made me cry and in a happy way! And to those looking for another Soldiers excerpt, I'll post something soon.

As I said above, most of what happened during the past week with the film projects is top secret. All indications are that we're about to be crazy busy. Meanwhile, I seemed to have volunteered to shoot Craig while he commits his latest art project. Yes, I said commits. However, I have so far refused to film him by light of a full moon.

Needless to say, stay tuned.


Kimberly Hunter said...

Hope everything comes out right with the new projects. And congrats with the Japanese. I've been slowly, and I mean slowly, learning the language on my own for years now. Mostly because I love anime and refuse to hear them dubbed. Nothing can beat the original voice actors. They are so much more animated with their characters. And the language definately sounds better. So lyrical. I can now get at least 4 words out 10 when watching my shows. A little harder when watching real people as they tend to talk faster. But I'm trying. LOL! The good thing is that a friend going to college has a Japanese dept. that I can ask questions if I need. One of my new WIP's has some history and language in it and they have been gracious enough to help. Anyhoo, wish you much luck with your studies and can't wait for more Soldier books.


Kimberly Hunter

Deborah Warner said...

I totally agree about the original anime voice actors. They are very talented. It is my understanding that they are recorded first and the animation is fit around the dialogue. that's means the actors doing the dubs are fitting into something that the movements weren't quite made for. It's a disadvantage. Did you know that there are free lessons on youtube with native speakers. That's really helped me a lot. Keep at it! And there will be a Soldiers book very soon! Thanks for commenting and for the lovely review!