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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Blahs, Bestsellers and Book Fairs

This has always been a blah time of year for me. I've always loved the Christmas-New Year season. January was a bit of a let down, especially when it is spent on the east coast in the winter. It's not gray or bleak in California, but January is still a bit of a downer. The holiday season is the Super Bowl for cooking. There isn't much on the horizon until Easter. Well, there is the Super Bowl, but we aren't having any company for that. I'll have to figure out something fun to cook though. I simply must use the sweet knife set up Jon installed for me. January also represents the beginning of the medical tests to make sure that I remain cancer free. From this week until sometime in the middle of March, I'll be making many trips to LA County USC to take a test or to see a doctor. Most likely, everything is fine and I am still in remission. That doesn't mean that I haven't been thinking about it and worrying about it. It's what I do.

Speaking of food, here's a link to what I've been up to lately http://tinyurl.com/aenrvax. The first group of photos are the pull apart dinner rolls I'd been having problems with. After that is the Tiramisu Mousse and lastly is the home made Brioche and Brioche French Toast.

Huge News

Aside from becoming a professional short story writer and essayist, I became a bestselling Ebook author last year (I still am!). I had been bemoaning my lowly status as an author to a fellow writer, Kimberly Hunter. She suggested that I try this romance Ebook site. I put up all four of my yaoi books. Before the end of the month, they were all bestsellers! Here is a link to the site. http://www.allromanceebooks.com/storeSearch.html?searchBy=author&qString=DL+Warner The two Ensnared titles also got lovely reviews. That can make a gal really happy even if I won't see any actual cash from the place for a while. The review and the sale pulled me out quite an emotional slump. I am the type of writer that really enjoys writing for its own sake, but it is nice to find that it is appreciated.

But that isn't the only big news on the writing/publishing front. Kimberly and I were lamenting the lack of venues for authors of homoerotic fiction to sell their books and discuss their works like there is for writers of straight romances. This is a real disadvantage, because these are opportunities to network with authors, publishers, reviewers and readers that are beyond monetary value. These connections fuel the creative energy and satisfy emotional needs of an artist. I can't tell you how great it made me feel to meet people who were following my work. I get very little feedback about my work. It is very difficult to find venues where I can talk to other writers like me. Events like this also make news in publishing media. News brings more readers and reviewers to an author's work. We were missing out from a lot of this. And while I enjoyed the last West Hollywood Book Fair, we were a tiny sliver of an event with a whole lot of agendas that were different from ours. Kimberly and I thought it would be nice to have just a one day book fair that was dedicated to our genre. We bounced around some ideas before I approached the guys from Bent-con for advice on how to proceed. To our surprise and complete delight, they suggested a joint venture. We could have a track of programing and vendor space at the next Bent-con! Of course, we thought that was an awesome plan. We have readers that would love to get a look at gay themed comic and such comic fans may enjoy our books. Thus, Writers, Romance and Rainbows was born! Fight now, we're only on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/WritersRomanceRaindows?ref=hl . Anyone can join the page by clicking the 'Like' button. We'll have a page on the same site where this blog is based in a few days. I'll share that link as soon as it is ready. Along with three days of publishers and authors peddling their wares, there will be a cover model contest and a formal dance. We want it to be a rollicking fun time for everyone who attends. Yes, I already have a lot on my plate. I have too much on my plate. However, I just couldn't pass up this opportunity while bemoaning my situation. After all, When I took matters in hand, I became a bestseller!

There are many coming soon. Stay tuned! 

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Kimberly Hunter said...

We are going to rock Bent-con!! And, hopefully, this will become a yearly thing. Fingers crossed!