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Monday, March 11, 2013

Herbs and Stress and the Maserati

When I started writing this blog two weekends back, the really big news was the new window box garden and the Maserati. There was a Maserati in the parking lot of the garden center. I'm not sure if they had the space for boxes of plants and large sacks of soil or fertilizer. I'm pretty sure the place delivers. We were surprised that the car was there. Not that people in the area couldn't afford a six figure sports car. We were a five minute walk from the yacht club were boats have helipads. The wealthy people are usually in the marina or in the insanely priced condos. I suppose it could have come from one of the many McMansions that populate the area. All that was certain was that Jon and I were walking our purchases home in our four wheeled granny cart. No worries about soil stains. I spent a couple hours after that transferring the plants into the window boxes. I was pleased to see that the two tomato plants already had flowers about to bloom. I'm happy to report that tomatoes are already growing. The weekend was to be laid back as I had an arduous week of medical tests. Not that the tests are hard. It's just a lot of commuting and lack of sleep, because I'm an Olympic class worrier. My plan was to be well rested and as calm as possible.

More photos from this blog can be found on this link:  http://dlwarner.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_11.html .

Yet by mid-day that Sunday, Jon and I were in the ER at UCLA Santa Monica. It wasn't me this time. It was Jon who was in sudden an excruciating pain. I was silly thinking that I could write the blogs while I was there. It was impossible to focus on anything other than the Skymall magazine inexplicably in the waiting room. I really love those things. I look at them every time I fly though I'd never actually buy anything from them. We were lucky that despite the very crowed ER, that Jon got seen fairly quickly and they soon knew what the issue was. It was a kidney stone. Jon had had one before. We were back home within six hours. To say it was a relief is beyond understatement. I was certain that pain that severe meant surgery was in the offing. I was thinking all sorts of dire things including dragging IV poles down a hospital corridor together. I said I was a big worrier. I also felt guilty that perhaps being my caregiver had been too much stress for him physically. Being a caregiver takes a toll. I had been trying to get Jon to have a physical for a while to make sure he was okay. I was very guilty about not having pushed hard enough. I feel guilty about Jon just about every other day. This was the worst ever. I think the relief left me exhausted for most of the week. However, my work load does not allow for any lazying about.

Blog Blogs Blogs

I've become a serial blogger. Despite my very deep misgivings, there is now a blog for almost every aspect of my life. There will NOT be one for the food thing. I'm not planning on going pro on that, so I don't need anyone doing internet searches for me and food. That is the reason there is a separate blog for each professional thing I do. It makes it easy for people interested in the books or the films to find me on a dedicated blog with a title for that industry. Those other blogs rarely shed any light on my personal life. They are all business. I keep them all funny, but they are all business. And I am obligated to write them at predictable intervals. The Demonspawn blog is now a perk for those who donated to the film funding campaign. The Yaoi blog is part of the reason why I was hired as an editor at Digital Manga. They were looking for people with a presence in Yaoi related social networks. Blogging about the manga is as important as editing the manga. On top of all of that, I have a Facebook page that is a news agregator for all things Yaoi. I have to update it every day at least three times a day. That's why it seems like I'm always on Facebook. I am of late. But it's business. That's how my poor flagship blog got pushed to one side. Have I mentioned that my schedule got trampled in this mess of the past two weeks? I'm not giving up though. No way. There is a way to make these facets of my life play nicely together. I will find it!

This sounds crazy with all that I have on my plate. I will concede that. However, even though I'm just now getting back on track with my latest Soldiers novel and a long overdue short story, I have been pulled by little snippets of story that I can't see being part of a novel. These snippets involve characters from the Soldiers universe and the Ensnared universe. I've decided to start writing and illustrating the snippets to post on the yaoi blog. I'd forgotten that I used to write such things – generally fanfiction – when I had a block on my novels or scripts. Strangely, they may help me write the longer pieces faster. I think the snippets may attract new readers as well. And I can compile them and sell them at some point.

Stay tuned.

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