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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Curious Girls -- Sluts or Formidable Forces?

I was watching a documentary on the Sundance Channel called Slut. It was a feminist and academic sort of thing, and I'm not sure how I feel about it as a film. However, it did present a topic for a blog. Remember, the excerpt is still unedited.

As I state in my blog description, my Princesses may be virgins, but they aren't necessarily innocent. They are both very curious young women who are fortunate enough to have men sensibile enough to indulge them. One can read all they can on sexual matters and get all the advice available, but nothing tops first hand, guided experience. My Princes are not so foolish that they would let notions ofwho should take the lead keep them from enthusiastic participation -- no matter how inexperienced.

There are many examples of this sort of innocent exploration by Sarianna on Nikulainen in The Gift of Surrender. Some involve instruction on oral satisfaction, but I'm not sharing those. I've given away all I'm willing to give. In The Price of Surrender, Laurila's explorations have to wait for her wedding night. This is particularly surprising to armas who expected to control the course of events for that evening.

"While you were healing, I longed to really touch your skin," she murmured transfixed by what was before her. "You shoulder was so warm and smooth, yet you body seemed so hard. 'Tis still a puzzle, I must admit. You seem to be smooth and soft and hard and warm all at once. I would touch more of you."

"I will bear myself for you gladly, but I must have fair return," he replied huskily. "I have longed to touch you unfettered since I first woke to your kind regard."

"Help me with my gown," she breathed.

"That I can do," Armas chuckled gently turning her back to him. It did not take his nimble fingers long to have that beautiful fabric pooled about her knees. Laurila looked about in dismay.

"It took both Sarianna and Hannah to help me get into this gown!" She sputtered.

Armas smirked. During the searing kiss that followed, he deftly and smoothly removed the delicate undergarments then pushed the mass of opulent fabric off the bed. By the time he freed her from the kiss, Laurila lay dazed trying to catch her breath. Thus, the Price had a moment to remove his boots and leggings.

Laurila started when Armas lay next to her pulling her against him.

"When did you undress?" She demanded.

The smirk returned, but Armas said nothing. Slowly, deliberately, he tangled one hand in her hair and pulled her head towards his. The kiss began slowly, almost lazily. Armas felt his bride's heart racing against his chest. She was near panic despite her bravado. She knew how to kiss him and was comfortable with that. Armas let her lose herself in a kiss.

For a time, Laurila's kisses were tentative. She received his gentle exploration, but did little of her own. Armas was patient. He held her only by the hand in her hair and a hand resting gently on her waist. Armas let Laurila set the pace of the kiss. It would have been easy to overwhelm her untried body and seduce her. But he had done that so many times before with women who meant nothing to him. Thus, his behavior with her would be far different. Armas savored her gently questing tongue moaning when the kiss deepened at last and became more heated.

Laurila pulled back with a gasp. Her eyes were nearly black with desire. Before Armas thought to move, she swooped down to kiss and suck at the curve of his neck. Armas cried out arching into her touch. He was stunned speechless as his bride caressed the contours of his body with her slender, elegant fingers. Her face was intent through the long, smooth caresses. Armas was determined to stay still and let her take from him what she would, and his acquiescence emboldened her. She played with his nipples until he had to clutch the blankets hard to keep from seizing her.

When she gazed upon his face again, something caught her eye that cooled her ardor somewhat. She gently reached over to trace the arrow scar on his shoulder. Then, she kissed it reverently. Her eyes carefully roamed his body to find the next scar. Once again, she carefully traced it then kissed it. She even moved lower to the scar on his thigh. Armas' legs seemed to fascinate her. She ran her hands down the entire length of them and even caressed his feet.

"You are beautiful, Armas," she breathed. "You are beautiful everywhere."

"Please, Laurila," Armas moaned not knowing what he was pleading about. All he knew was that his control was reaching its limits.

The Princess gazed back a little wild eyed.

"What must I do?" She asked in dismay. Her voice was low and throaty. The sound of it sent a tremor through his body, hardening him further.

He could not voice any commands, so he grasped her hand then gently guided it to wrap around his throbbing shaft. Laurila gasped at the feel of him, but she did not recoil. She watched in fascination as he guided her hand up and down his hardness until his hand fell away and he arched into her touch. Laurila gasped at the tableau before her. She covered his lips with her in a kiss that grew hungry and deep immediately. That kiss along with everything else, pushed Armas over the edge. He tore away from her sweet mouth to cry out his release.

For a long moment, Armas was not capable of anything more than lying with his eyes closed breathing deeply. He opened his eyes when he felt a warm, wet cloth gently moving over his abdomen.

"This is not the way a wedding night is to happen," Armas rumbled with a soft chuckle.

"How many wedding nights have you had, dear husband?" Laurila quipped merrily.

"This is my first," he replied archly. "But I imagine that the first time a man sees his beautiful bride unclothed in his bed, he would move to claim her as quickly as possible. I am unique in having a bride with wonderfully curious hands."

Laurila's curisoity continues after the wedding night when she demands to learn for herself why the maids in the castle still call armas the wildest lover they've ever know. And that you'll have to purchase the novel to read.

And now for the contest. Tell me of some brazen female characters in books or films who turned the tables on their lovers to find out what all those stories and songs were about. A free andvanced copy of The Price of Surrender awaits.

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KimW said...

There is a movie called Dangerous Beauty. It's about a girl, Veronica who falls in love with a Venetian senator. He cannot marry her because she does not have the proper dowry. She ends up becoming the most sought after courtesan with training from her mother and won't allow the senator any part of the action so to speak. haha! It's one of my favorite movies.