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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Scantily Clad Actor Or What is Your Inspiration?

Two weeks ago, I was interviewed for a Romance website. I'll report on where when the interview turns up. One of the questions asked me about where I draw my inspiration for my stories. Because the interviewer mentioned that I may be reluctant to say because of my mother-in-law reading, I assumed she meant were there any real life hunks in my midsts that I drew my sexy heroes from. I answered honestly that they spring from my imagination - like a DVD starting in my mind. My production co-ordinatior, Phil pointed out that I have so many strange things happening to me involving good looking guys that I forget the incidents within days. Phil is always right. I even wrote a blog about the weird mudanity of coping with actors in a sybpress blog. Go to:

http://sybpress.blogspot.com/2006/01/fan-girl-confidential.html and have a look.

Back to my inspiration. One thing about being a film producer, even at my modest level, is you befriend actors. It's a by product of spending months in close contact and sharing trauma (some call the trauma making a movie, but I stand by the term). And the thing about being friends with actors is that they can phone or turn up at any hour of the day or night. In Philly, I would never answer the door at 4am unless I saw a badge and a warrant. Here, I blearily peer through the peephole, open the door, then pull out an extra pillow and blanket.

One morning several months ago, one of my hunky actors came a calling 'fore day in the morning after many hours of partying. The last leg ended up in my neighborhood, and the poor thing was in no shape to drive all the way home. Somehow he managed to remember my address and hop the security fence in that state. I told hunky actor to make himself comfy on the couch while I explained that to my even more bleary and cranky husband that we didn't have a really loud burglar. Upon my return with the spare linens, I found the hunky actor in his tiny, tighty whities sprawled over the cushions.

After lots of blinking, we had a long talk. He had been at several parties. During the night, at least three women had pleasured him in some incredibly public manner. The fourth one at least took him home to do the deed. Unfortunately, her boyfriend turned up earlier than expected. Did anyone see Sideways? A free pdf of The Price of Surrender for anyone who can explain the scene I've just mentioned. Anyway, after all of this, he was still...amorous. Of course, that was out of the question. I was bloated and having cramps. Oh, and then there's the husband. He left me with the sleeping hunky actor a couple of hours later to go to the day job. I called Phil to chaperone for the day. That was hilarious because Phil is quite gay, and it was more likely that I'd be beating him off sleeping beauty more than the other way around. We spent the day looking at him sleep in the various hues of sunlight. I think things got better when he woke up. Instead of being hung over, he was all husky voiced and sleepy eyed and sort of dreamy. And still in just those tiny underpants to cover all that muscular beauty.

I suppose I did have some of those images in mind when I wrote Armas spending all that time naked in bed all husky voiced and sleepy and dreamy in The Price of Surrender. But I honestly didn't remember it at the time of the interview. I really need to keep a journal.

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