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Monday, September 25, 2006

Music, You Tube and Roller Strollers

I did a post in July about how, in general, listening to music isn't a great way for me to work. I get dstracted by lyrics and trips down memory lane. Well, I've found a more treacherous distraction -- youtube.com

I've been on there a few times for various reasons. My friend Scott's PSA on pain management is there now at:


I watched to support him in his work...who am I kidding? I was there because he's naked and sweaty. and looks good that way.

On Friday though, I was there because an actor's agent had me so riled that I couldn't think straight, let alone write. I swear film is the only industry where the job applicant feels justified in picking a fight with the potential employer. I didn't even call the so and so in the first place. anyway, I was angry and noticed the site in the cache. I looked up some anime things, and then wondered whether the Bay City Rollers had any videos there. In my defense, Mervyns has been running a commercial with part of the song Saturday Night as its theme. The song was in my head, so I looked. It was there. I wasn't ever a fan of the band, but it was part of the high school school lunch scene. I was even gifted a ticket for my 16th birthday, so I wouldn't feel left out when the rest of the table went to see them in Philly. That was really interesting. Anyway, that video led to me looking up Shiela E and Prince (I've seen them live as well -- it was a differenct experience from the BCR) and MC Hammer, and of course Springsteen(whom I still see live now and again and who still looks great in jeans). Two hours later, I was calmer but really far behind in my paper work. I also have an account there with a frightening favorites list.

In the midst of all this distraction, I finished my short story for Sybaritic Press' Slash and Burn anthology, and that story is on its way to being a novel. I fell in love with the soldier boys and their antics, so on I go. I got some good title suggestions, but I'm still mulling. These guys seem to be in bed a lot, but with two guys, that's to be expected. I also find I'm enjoying the science fiction elements of the plot. There are the timely dilemmas of what to do if there was a way to make an ultimate soldier. What do you do with those soldiers who don't want to be weapons any longer? It's interesting to write, and hot fun to boot.

One last thing about YouTube. It's a handy place to put up video for professional reasons. For one of the films in development, I needed a way to give acess to a previous version of the same project to our art director and the fight coreographer. And since we make no money from the broadcast and it is a tool for getting the full feature done, we used youtube.

Check out our first short and soon to be a major feature at:


And keep a sharp eye on everything I mentioned in this blog. It'll be part of a contest next week.

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