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Sunday, April 08, 2007


It looks my film life and my author life are going to crossover. We are doing R&D on creating five minute shorts from a couple of the novels. I've just finished a 5 page script for a scene from Gift of Surrender. This would be filmed along with two scenes from romance scripts that we were marketing. They do not have novels written yet. It's a project we've been trying to pitch for more years than I care to think about. They are historical or fantasy romances for the direct to DVD market. The folks currently looking to fund this want a proof of concept short. That is, a five minute or so short that shows what thefilm will look and feel like production value wise. I don't mind doing them. I think they would help drive book sales. And, I enjoyed hearing the voices for A Soldier's Choice so much that I'd really enjoy seeing the characters from one of my novels. We have a potential actor for Nikulainen and I think I have a Sarianna. We'll have to see how they look in an audition.

And yes, I am considering a short for A Soldier's Choice as well.

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