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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Book Announcement and a Favor

Book Announcement
This mid-week blog is to announce the newest of the Demon Under Glass inspired fiction. It's Demonspawn: On the Run. It is now available as an e-Book at:

There are some fabulous stories by authors from Two countries. I have one there as well which is a reprint from Demonpawn 2: More Tales from Demon Under Glass. The print version will be available soon.
A Favor
I'm trying to choose a title for the live action version of the Soldier's books. Jon made a face when I suggested Mutant Soldiers in Love. I'm leaning toward Blood Oath. However, I'm open to suggestions. Please write here or e-mail me privately here.
The tagline will be: Killing is in their blood. Is there room for love?

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