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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Fate, Actor Bits and Actors in Crates

Warning: If you find yourself here via a google search for such things as TV shows or films, recipes or cities, this blog has some facts. However, this blog is one author’s very twisted musing on many weird things. It is sometimes graphic in content. If you read on, don’t write to yell at me.

State of Soldier's Fate

I must attend to business first. The new uploads for A Soldier’s Fate e-books (Acrobat and Microsoft Reader) are online. The website will be updated later today (when I finish with the blog and answering e-mails). The website will have an as yet unseen chapter sample. I’ll make an announcement here when it goes up.

The new upload took longer than expected in part because of our schedules (I just love those early morning or late night calls for business plans and character breakdowns for scripts that don’t exists). But the delay was also because of the writer in me having a chance to tweak my material. While I have often fussed at our authors for the same transgression (especially when the tweaks changed page count or affected page layout), there were some places at the end of the novel that I thought needed a sentence or two more. I added a scene as well.

Jon finally rendered his verdict on A Soldier’s Fate. His critiques can be a touchy matter, because Jon has no guile whatsoever. In fact, I’ve had to go to great lengths at film screenings he didn’t like to keep him away from the principles involved. We made a deal while at the Cannes Film Market to not talk about any film we saw until we were well out of the building where the screening took place. You never know who might be standing behind you in an elevator. At any rate, I knew he would be honest – really honest. He was fascinated by the way my novels are constructed. Jon writes fiction and screenplays with a specific theme in mind and a goal that has to be attained. He said I have a group of characters that I like to hang out with and construct a plot that gives me a lot of time with them under various circumstances. The plot seems to be about Bobby and his transformation, but he is part of the device I use to spend time with Rik and Vincent. He said that the Surrender books and even my Demon Under Glass fiction is like that. I tend not to analyze what I’m doing. It reminds me too much of grad school. He is correct. I love being with these characters, so I construct spaces and time and situations to maximize the experience of being with Rik and Vincent. My romances are a fun diversion. My other fiction is more difficult because I’m examining life and relationships. It’s not entirely comfortable reading – even when it’s amusing. Little wonder, it’s taking a very long time to finish the first story. There’s all the crying. I’m much rather wallow in erotica.

Actor Bits
Warning: The be spoilers ahead

Speaking of characters that are fun to hang out around, I’ve received some e-mails inquiring specifics on why I liked Speed Racer aside from being a fan of the original anime series. The reviews, it has been correctly pointed out, were largely unfavorable. First, I am seldom influenced by reviews. There have been many occasions where I don’t know what planet a critic was on when they saw a film that I loved and they didn’t. Critics aside, there was a lot for me to enjoy in Speed Racer. There was brilliant chemistry between both sets of brothers (Nicholas Elia and Scott Porter as the young Speed and Rex Racer and Emile Hirsch and Matthew Fox as the adult Speed and Racer X). These characters really enjoyed being together and I enjoyed watching them. They had a natural connection and great humor between them. This chemistry made the jeopardy they faced all the more tense and compelling to watch. The supporting cast were not slouches either. Susan Sarandon had two scenes where she was able to convey everything a viewer need to know about Moms Racer with no lines. But then, she’s an Oscar winner. Even Spritle and Chim Chim managed not to be annoying. And the Asian singing sensation, Rain, was compelling as racer Taejo Togokahn (he learned English for the role). And there is just no picture of him where he isn’t adorable. I must also note that Speed Racer had a nice amount of well-built men going about shirtless. It’s always lovely to see such men in just pajama bottoms while fighting ninjas. What compounded my enjoyment was the John Goodman was not in just pajama bottoms. The only thing I found missing from the film that was in the series often was speed tied up – sometimes spread-eagle. That would have been fun.

More Gunslinger Questions

The questions keep coming. Most I can’t answer, because I don’t know Travis well enough to get him to go into a shipping crate – no matter how many air holes there are. Thus, I can only answer questions relating to the trailer and the feature (though I can’t give away spoilers). To follow along, you can read the film’s set up on the Hidden Passions Website. So, here are the most frequently asked of late.

Does Matt Know KD is impersonating Shadow during the dinner scene?
He knows before he even reaches the ranch. First, he’s been hearing about Shadow Smith being hired to protect KD and the Lazy D and knows he’s never been there. In investigating the situation, he actually sees KD dressed as Shadow (this is in the set-up thus not a spoiler).

Does KD know that Matt is Shadow? Is that why she is asking about life on the trail?
No, she doesn’t know who Matt really is. She just knows that he has spent a lot of time in the wilderness alone and has first-hand information.

Why is Matt worried about KD’s uncles?
They have a reputation in town as being on the wild and dangerous side. They taught their niece to shoot with deadly accuracy. And he has been spending a lot of time alone with their niece. That’s a recipe for a lot of family tension and likely gunplay.

When will the full-length film come out?
If all goes according to plan, sometime early next year.

Keep those questions coming!

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