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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Brando, McBeal and Writer's Block

Strangely, the worst sentence to be inflicted upon my ears last week did not come from Craig (in the red hat). He did have a tirade against Ally McBeal and co-ed bathrooms and the fear of converting legions of women to lesbianism. It went on to such a furor that I had to give him a hug. After that, he went to have a carne asada taco and was happy the rest of that day. No, the worst sentence of the week involved Marlon Brando, a duck, a tiny guillotine and an infamous Paris establishment in Montmartre. I'm not repeating the sentence. It's disgusting. And since there are several versions of the lurid tale, I'm not inclined to believe it happened. The Archive is settling into the Warehouse space with an unexpected side effect. When it was in the Library at UCLA, we were a very quiet lot. Our space was part of the reading room, so we worked in almost complete silence for very long stretches. We're the only ones on the floor save for the set building mill and Lucy's office suite. Those are separated from us by thick walls. Thus, we've been talking more. I've learned that the rest of the staff is fairly twisted. Not twisted to the level of Craig, but far more twisted than I ever thought. That's a good thing. Meanwhile, we're making ourselves at home in ways we never could have in the library. The Tom Cruise poster has already been defaced by Craig. And I'm not sure how you can feel an A-bomb coming. Maybe it whistles.

On a side note, the Eagles are losing 31-13 in the 3rd quarter. I neglected to get hammered before tuning in (it's 10 am when the game starts. That's a little early for even a brunch buzz). My neighbors are being reminded about my colorful Fall vocabulary. I'm turning on the Food Network before I get a headache.
Not much was happening on the soundstage, save for a new lab being installed. The action last week was between the buildings. There was a night shoot involving a riot, Coation spies and a burning car. It was pretty cool -- at least the remains that we saw.

Writing Update – All Projects
August marked a month of rare writer's block for me. My tendency to multi-task while writing usually means that if one project is stalled, I am making progress with another one. This was not the case last month. All the stories were at points where I'd written myself into a corner – even the cookbook. It's taken a while to figure out in each instance where I went wrong and how to get back on track. August was a month of distractions, most happy but some not so much. I haven't been able to get much done after the long days during the relocation to the studio. I'm certain that the blogs reflected my crankiness over this problem. When I can't get lost with my characters, all I have left is the sometimes crushingly monotonous routine. The days certainly drag when I can't complete chapters or scenes in my head. As the new routine settled into place, I was able to take time with each unfinished work and get back on track. The fluidity hasn't returned to my writing yet, but it will come back soon. I'm beginning to write in my head at work again. Thus, I'm a happier camper than I have been in the last couple of weeks. This is an unusual situation. I'm glad that it's working itself out.

My plans are to finish the first story in my Mother's Memoir (perhaps as soon as tonight), then send it off to readers. I want to know if the style and tone work with the content. There is a script I'm mid-way through that I want to finish, but I also need to complete the cookbook first. Beyond that, there is a script we have to finish before the end of the year and I want to do sequels to the Soldiers and the Surrender books. They have been percolating in my head for quite some time, but I don't see starting them until early next year. It sounds like a lot, especially with my work schedule and the demands of the production company popping up almost daily.. The pages come somehow. I don't plow through 20 a day even when I'm on a roll. But even a week of half pages adds up to something by the weekend. I just look at the task like that.

The film meetings are still pending. I'm seeing a lot of activity on the social network that our contact is on, so I know something is happening. I still don't know what that is or when I'll be told about it. But we're pressing on with that which we can control. It'll be interesting to see what succeeds first. Stay tuned.

This is a really brief blog that has taken hours to finish. I'm still plagued by fits of coughing and now fatigue from the cough suppressant. More next week, hopefully.

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