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Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Digs, Good Grub and Great Possibilities

I knew long before I ended up in a bathroom stall with the Archive supervisor that last week would be weird. Yep, the rest room adventures continue but without chipping paint and inhaling bleach fumes. The office space is still a work in progress, but it's getting more liveable with each passing day. Meanwhile, the sets on the first floor continue to amaze. Every time we walk by, there is something new to look at. We're not sure when Lucy sleeps. Working out of a space we've coveted for the last ten years has been an exciting though strange experience. It's great to be downtown again. There are so many things that are sold wholesale that I enjoy. Heck, it's good to just have a new routine after nearly three years. And then there are the Taco Trucks in the parking lot.. Their burgers and fries are great, their carne asada tacos have become an obsession for Craig, me and most of the scanners at the Archive. The food is cheap, fast but made with such care and attention that Anthony Bourdain would drool. [On a side note, I have mounted a campaign focused on getting Mr. Bourdain to visit Philadelphia on No Reservations. He has deliberately ignored the city due to some New York related prejudice. Well, if he can figure out that the Bronx and Detroit has something to offer his taste buds, he can well get his kiester down the turnpike to a city that has had great food creds for decades. I plan to remind him of this weekly of this profound failing until he goes or there is a restraining order.]

Update of Sorts

Where was I? Ah yes, the studio. It's one thing to be figuratively close to fulfilling all one's creative dreams. It's something else to be physically close to everything one has associated with those dreams. Walking into the place where you've planned on making most of your films and not actually work on a film has been more daunting than I thought it would be. Such dissatisfaction is not without its benefits though. The last time I felt this level of dissatisfaction was when Randy and I were working the overnight shift at the GAP. The result was Demon Under Glass. I can get really aggressive when I am profoundly dissatisfied. And that location provides an endless array of possibilities. Right now, Ralph and I have plans for making films that can happen without involvement of any of the parties we are negotiating with. He's going to be making that fact very clear to the people we're waiting for this week. It is a harder road for us, to be sure (and one I'd rather not undertake) but it gives us more control over the films creatively and my patience is wearing thin. More details on the plan will be revealed if we actually have to go down that road.

Return to Rants?

I stopped ranting about CSI: Miami at some point last season. It had become mundane in its silliness thus not worth my wrath. The finale was so confounding that I couldn't really think of how to complain about it. A few days ago, I saw the preview for the season opener and found myself smiling. It was a flashback episode of how Horatio Caine and his team were formed. It included everything down to when he started wearing those sunglasses. It actually looked amusing – deliberately amusing. Mind, this flashback is occurring while Delko is fighting for his life from a gunshot wound....again. But I may be willing to overlook this improbability if the rest of it is really funny. As my dramatic TV watching dwindles for other things, it would be nice if I could make the most of what I still watch.

Another side note. The Eagles won, but the quarterback broke his ribs. It's the first game of the regular season. Sigh.

This is going to be it for the blog this week. On top of everything I have to do writing wise, I've had this persistent cough and a heaviness in my chest that's slowing me down. By the way, anyone still waiting for me to reply to an e-mail, I'm getting to you. I still have cooking chores before I can get to the writing. Thus, I must end it here. Stay tuned.

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