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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mid -week Senanigans, Casting Cuties and Chasing Elves

As promised, Here is the mid-week blog about my other shenanigans. I'm going to lob you at my other blog sites. As I've said earlier, I have to keep my branding in mind when I do these blogs. This fuels the search engine traffic which really does fuel the old book sales.

On the Romantica at Sypress site, you'll find quite a rant about how taxing it is to be told that I should be following current trends that I have been following already for a number of years. That leads into how I came to write my first romance and start this very blog. It's a rabid but insightful rant. I've re-released the book on smashwords. For those who've never read it (naughty, naughty), there is a full explanation of how it came to spring from an obsession over Legolas from Lord of the Rings. There is also some naughty, naughty excerpts to spur you to buy the book! That link is HERE. While you visit, take a moment or two or thirty to read the fabulous and fun blogs of Marguerite Lliteras and sample her fun and naughty book The Intern.

On the Yaoi at Sypress site, I chronicle how my simple little cooking videos to promote the yaoi books, Cook Like a Uke  have involved into an actual shoot with some very, very cute actors. I mean, they are adorable. Of course, there is a tale to tell about the casting session and how amusing that all was. I had to put on my producer suit and actually wear make-up for the meetings with these guys. And, while I was out, I ran into Gary Dourdan from CSI while awaiting my first actor. I was at the preferred place for go-see meetings, a coffee shop in Marina del Rey. Ladies (and some guys), he really is that cute in person.  and he winked at me! I had the presence of mind to not respond with a girly teehee. You'll have to read the rest on the sybpressyaoi site HERE.

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