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Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Fangled vs Old Fashioned and a Tired Brain

This is a short one due to brain overload. I'll be putting out mini blogs during the week with more information.

I really do appreciate advances in technology, despite ample evidence to the contrary. I still write my fiction in longhand. Heck, I write actual letters to people. However, I cannot imagine writing fiction or scripts on a typewriter. I don't like thinking about using a typewriter or a business letter. Between services like Skype and shared file interfaces have allowed me to work with people in Japan on manga and short stories. And I completely get why the most rudimentary cell phone is valuable in keeping safe in a deserted area. One doesn't need to leave the car to seek out the lone pay phone on a desolate street to call for help. One just needs to keep that battery charged. And I completely get that the social networks are a must for both established and independent artists to build and audience and hawk their wares. Digital Manga expects their localizing teams to keep a blog and a twitter account to generate buzz for their titles.

But I'm still the same person who avoids having a walkie talkie on film set. My cell phone is barely smart at all. I only upgraded from one that only made phone calls, because of the trip to San Francisco. Airlines update by e-mail or an app, and I could use social networks to send one message to many people that we arrived safely. A reasonably smart phone is also handy in medical situations for getting word out or requesting help from a bunch of folks at a clip. My attitude has changed enough that I no longer call people who text me to yell at them. I can't believe how much info I can carry on a phone to transmit to others for work. I got the smarter phone reluctantly and use it sparingly. My Twitter account happened as an accident of sorts. When I signed my blog up for some kind of cross promotion, the process also set up a Twitter account. I wasn't going to use it at all until I discovered that my favorite chefs hung out there, and they were willing to answer questions from fans and retweet their efforts to their followers. I later found it to be valuable in driving my book sales.

But this week, I have to confess that all this accessibility grew trying. There are currently four ways to engage me in a direct dialog online and two ways to communicate with me by phone. A couple of times in the past week, I swear that all five ways of reaching me were on fire. It always seemed to happen when I was trying to solve a nettlesome problem with editing. Two days this week, the multi-tasking began at 10 am and I was still at it in some fashion when Jon was walking in the door at 6pm! I hadn't even made dinner. It's difficult to cut off the online access, because I need it to do the editing. There have been long days when I've spent hours going back and forth with our manga typesetter. Was my brain ever tired by the end of those days. I could do nothing in the evening beyond staring at the TV. I don't even think I could engage enough to watch a program. I don't know how these young-ungs handle all that hardware and all those conversations at once. I'm not sure that I'll ever get used to it. As for electronic tablets, I have no use for one yet. I can see highly useful applications on a set, but not right now. I can't justify the expense. While I have embraced some of the high tech of this century and continue to be amazed by what it can accomplish, I'm not a complete techie yet. I don't know if I ever will be. I will always like hand writing stories (and letters). I will always love reading an actual book.

Though I was terribly busy this week, I was mostly housebound. I didn't do my usual walking every day. I seemed to have injured my back at some point and needed the rest. I couldn't even cook the way I usually do. It was frustrating, and no doubt lessened my patience with the various difficulties I had this past week. I was out on Saturday and walked almost five miles. I plan to slowly get back on track. The really vexing thing is that I don't know exactly how I hurt my back in the first place. Still, I cleared a bunch of stuff off my plate writing-wise. I'll soon be able to focus on some really big projects that I need and very much want to focus on.


There is a lot going on with my titles and on the web series front. I did a casting session for the first time in years. It was a lot of fun. I'll put out a couple of blogs about the goings on tomorrow. I have a pot roast to attend to, and my brain is still a little tired from all that multi-tasking.

Stay tuned.

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