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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Musings on Cow Hooves and Haggis

It wasn't only that I was seriously considering coming home from the multi-ethnic market with a shin bone from a calf (complete with hoof) which made me realize I was becoming a hardcore cook. There were some things I could make with one didn't involve aspic. That day, I wasn't in the mood for such high level, fancy wrangling. And I worried about Jon's reaction upon coming home to a hoof sticking out of a tall pot. It was also that Jon wasn't surprised that I was considering such a purchase. When I wondered why, he told me that I routinely bring home chicken feet (they make awesome stock), and that I've been coming up with viable strategies while watching Chopped. That is true, though I still think I would have reacted well to canned haggis. You know, there is vegetarian Haggis? It's made with beans, mushrooms and oats that's baked in a pan. Jon thinks that is more of a vegetarian scrapple. I found that also. It's called Vrapple. The internet is evil. But I digress.

I've entered a new level with cooking, 'tis true. However, I had fallen out of the kind of extensive meal prep I had been doing prior to chemo. I do cook dinner almost every night, but I have been doing them with less planning than even before I got sick. I used to do a bi-montly mega preps, so we'd have meals with very little thought for an entire two weeks. They would last longer, because inspiration always strikes, and I'll want to try something different from the plan at the spur of the moment. But it was really good to have a nice selection of options in the freezer ready to go. I'd just add a veg or salad or pasta, whatever. It is easier to eat correctly when the foods are handy and easy to prepare. It also leaves me with more free time during any given day. I'd forgotten how soothing doing all that chopping and such can be. My mind is taken out of everything focusing on that.

I needed to do errands and cook, so I can free up that time during a busy upcoming week for post on the videos. I have enough goofy distractions to keep me away from my various difficult tasks without adding legitimate ones. On top of the post editing, I'm proofing the manga pages, working on pilot and there are some other bits of writing I need to get finished sooner than later. Yes, I'm talking about Rik and Vincent. It all sounds like a crazy pace when I look at it here, but somehow things get done and I don't feel panicked over it. And no worries about me overdoing it. My body is really good at demanding rest by going on strike if I push too hard. That's when I get my reading done!

Before I forget again, I must announce that we are only 8 days from the Month of Fun. This day also marks the second anniversary of my MOAS (Mother Of All Surgery), giving me more reasons to celebrate properly. For new readers, the Month of Fun is when yours truly celebrates another year of life by taking the time to appreciate all the things – big and small – that make life special. I spend time with friends I don't usually get to see. I take the time to have that special baked good and lovely coffee I would usually skip during an errand. This year, I could even have a mani/pedi. The black strips on my nails from chemo are finally gone! The Month of Fun is not about spending money. It's about the sage wisdom of Agent Cooper from Twin Peaks. Paraphrased, you should give yourself a present every day. Over the years, I have found a present a day is not possible. But I can do it for 30 days consistently. It can be something big – like being in France. Or something as simple as a 'damned fine cup of coffee.' There are some lovely spots I've discovered since I last lunched with certain friends. I'd love to share them. I may even take in a picture show. I haven't done that in quite a while as I haven't seen anything worth the considerable expense involved in going to the movies lately. However, Dark Shadows comes out on my birthday. That seems to be destiny. That was the first soap I've ever loved. And Barnabas was the first vampire I knew. And there was funk and disco in the trailer! Even the Avengers is looking appealing. It's woefully lacking in giant robots, but I'll take giant robot dragon snakes. The Japanese trailer is cooler and gets to the point faster. Look at it HERE. What can you do to help me with the Month of Fun? If you are in the LA area, let's have lunch already! Otherwise, I accept well wishes of all kinds (including rain dances).

Meanwhile, I still have chicken stock to make and boxes of things to edit.

Stay tuned.

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