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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Big Plant, Cloaks, Daggers and Wild Manga

Jon called the tomato plant a triffid recently. While I'll concede that it does seem to loom over us, I don't think it's ready to walk out the door in a quest to take over the world. I have grown suspicious of the plant as it's only produced one smallish tomato. There have been several buds that haven't produced anything. I may have to rethink unleashing the bees in our apartment. Though I have had a suggestion involving a q-tip that doesn't sound too strange. I may give that a go first. I think the encouraging thing is that I haven't killed the plant or the supermarket thyme plant. That has been very productive and useful for a whole number of applications. I may get some more herbs for the window sill. While I am very proud of my foreboding tomato plant, I am really loving the heirloom tomatoes that are in season at the Culver Farmer's Market. Oh yes, I really do shop there before hitting that hotel bar for the martinis. All of the stalls have some lovely varieties that are wither sweet or tart. I have some really nice green ones that I plan to fry for lunch this very day. I am also loving that the produce I'm getting from there is staying fresh for a week or more. Makes me really wonder how old that stuff in the super markets is.

Cloak and Dagger

I know it seems like I am a bit of a blabbermouth with all the sharing or even over sharing of the intricate minutia on developing web series or the naughty things that have turned up on my Facebook page as I was searching for items to give away at the Bookfair or online. The fact is that on any given day, 90% of the mayhem in my life cannot go beyond a very small circle of people. It makes the blog quite challenging some time. I can't reveal what may be causing me consternation over my writing malaise as it may violate three or four confidences. Even the manga can be a challenge to blog about as I'm not allowed to be specific about the title until our work until the book is at a certain point in the pipeline. No matter how crazy the book is making me, I can only talk about it in the most vague terms possible. I mean, I can – and do – complain about research mystic Buddhist incantations, but I can't tell you why. Sorry about that. However, I am free to tell you about the second Manga I worked on for the Digital Manga Guild. You can read about the super crazy and super funny Wild Boyfriend and why it was too hot for Kindle to handle. Just click the following link: http://www.sybpressyaoi.com/2012/07/sakiras-white-hot-wild-boyfriend-is.html. It may seem silly to be so secretive. I'm not so full of myself to equate my blog with TMZ, but it is frightening how gossip can get around. You just don't know how someone is connected to someone else. Jon and I never discuss any of our scripts anywhere buy home or if we're on the street with no one about. I've been cautioned about who I talk to about certain projects when I was just home from surgery and completely housebound. It's taken that seriously. It's a drag, because I love to gossip. The leeway would also make explaining the various and sundry wackiness in my life a whole lot easier.

So, I've been housebound this week working on these many things I can't talk about. My plan is to clear my inbox of the most pressing of the tasks. This will leave me free from everything creatively save for the books and the manga. That sounds like I'm crazy. How are books – plural – easy. Well, I have them finished in my mind. I just need a stretch of time to type out what I'm seeing in my mind. I'm so certain that I will meet those deadlines that I have the covers in the works. I just have to clear the decks to have at it. At this writing, the decks are halfway cleared. I remain fairly focused despite all these cable channels and all the interweb enticements. I also think the work is getting done faster, because I haven't been inspired very much culinary-wise. I'm getting a lot of great produce and fruit. It doesn't need much in the way of cooking. I'm still annoyed from the baking mishap with the macarons, so I haven't been keen to bake. I'm sure the urge will return when I free up some time, or I get really hungry for something fun.

The ones I can share will be on the specialized blogs. I will post to those over the weekend.

Stay tuned.

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