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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

On Writer Friendships and the Green Eyed Monster

Despite my recent rants over 50 Shadesof Gray  and the one over nasty and somewhat libelous reviews of my last yaoi title , I have accepted that being a writer comes with a significant amount of frustration. I get that the peaks are few and far between for most of us, and the valleys can be fathomless, depressing places. I have had a compulsion to write since I was a young child, and the writing gives me a great deal of personal satisfaction.

As a writer and as a filmmaker, I like to be generous with anything that I can offer. I am very much a Golden Rule kind of person. I look to other writers or filmmakers to give me advice or a reference or an inside tip. I have been gifted by such help at every stage of my career. The give and take of my ever growing circle of creative friends has help me with my craft and has introduced me to many influential people. All of this means that I have a lot of close friends who toil in the arts with the hopes of either making a living or living really large. They are all talented and generous souls whom I consider myself privileged to know.

It was Halloween and the Jackson were very popular.
That said, there is always a ying to the yang. I can't speak for my fellow writers, my confidence is not as absolute as it may appear. In many ways, my creative ego is fragile. There have been many occasions when I've read some work written by a friend that makes me truly believe that I am wasting my time with all these scribblings. There are other times when friends have won major awards or The feeling is fleeting, because the compulsion and the fundamental arrogance I have about my writing is all consuming. Oh, how can I be arrogant and have a fragile ego? Let's just say that that state of being is not just the domain of actors. What am I going on about, I sure you wonder. Well, one of my very close, writer friends, Tracey Wilson, suddenly moved to LA. She was hired to be on the writing staff of a new network show a few weeks ago. Several things went through my brain as I read that email. Things like 'How the hairy heck?' and 'WTF' and I think that ahooga car horn sound. Then, I shrugged figuring that she had one hell of a story about how that happened (and she did) and went about trying to find her a good sublet on short notice. I also found that I was very excited that Tracey and I would be in the same city. That hasn't happened in decades. I have missed her arid dry observations and deadly sense of humor. This is an awesome development for her and it'll be great to renew our friendship.

Big geek points for knowing who this is.
No one likes to admit being bitten by the green eyed monster, especially not where good friends are concerned. But I am trying to be honest as I can about the joys and pitfalls of being a writer. I was relieved – but not surprised – that I wasn't alone. A few of my friends have admitted to the occasional bite as well. To their credit, that hasn't derailed their creativity or their friendships. I have an extraordinary circle of creative friends that grows both bigger and closer each passing year. Thank goodness, because I think I get crazier with each passing year. I need all the help I can get.

Rise of the Sybaritic Press

Along with some new titles coming out this fall, we are pleased to announce the return of Sybaritic Press to the West Hollywood Book Fair in late September! We have a lot of new titles in fiction and non-fiction that we are very excited about, and a number of our talented authors will be doing readings and/or signings. There will be a lot of great giveaways. And you don't have to be in LA to get some of the giveaways. I will be running contests on this blog and the others so that all my readers have a shot at them. More details will follow until you are all really sick of hearing about it as the event gets closer.

There will be more updates on my other blogs, but I will post links here.

Stay tuned.

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