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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Herbs, Sneak Previews and Stock Investing

I started walking for exercise in earnest on Thursday. It's part of the getting as fit as possible before chemo. I usually need a destination, so I went to the library. On the way I nearly adopted six kittens. They were all so cute frolicking together in the pet store window. Then, I remembered that look Jon gives me when I say or do something really nuts. I did buy a basil plant having realized that I do have enough room on the one windowsill that gets light for a small, potted plant. But that cost less than two dollars (cheaper than the pre-packaged herbs they were selling at the same store) and didn't need a litter box, so I didn't think Jon would mind.

I suppose I really should find out why a dude in full SCUBA gear is at the bottom of the pool. But then, the explanation may give me a headache. And I have other fish to fry.

Taking Stock

Anthony Bourdain is yelling at me again. I've been reading his first memoir, Kitchen Confidential in anticipation of reading his second one, Medium Raw. Kitchen Confidential is a fascinating book for numerous reasons, but it also find time amidst tirades to give a lot of tips on how to cook really well. Bourdain has tersely reminded me that I am woefully lacking in a key ingredient for good cooking Рstocks. My freezer is, indeed, bereft of stocks. I have about a quart of chicken stock from the whole birds I dismembered last week. That will be gone by tonight. I really miss the results I get cooking with it. Now that I'm able to make it once more, I'll have to make a lot this week. I may even make demi-glace of both chicken and beef. And no, I haven't made the Hollandaise or had that fool proof poached egg yet this week, but I have had some very fluffy scrambled eggs. I've been lining up the recipes I want to make prior to chemo so that we'll have meals ready to heat up if I'm not up to cooking. It's quite a list, but then, my freezer is almost empty. Meanwhile, Bourdain is currently yelling at me about the quality of my chef's knife and my saut̩ pans, but there isn't much I can do about that right now.

Cutting Comments

I have been editing the two promos that will be running with Demon Under Glass when it goes online next month. There are two reasons that I'm dong it. Jon is almost at the end of Blood Oath and I don't want to interrupt that again. It's been forever and a day since we shot it. Second, I've had a lot of trouble articulating exactly what I wanted to Jon. That's why I basically directed the recording. Thus, instead of leaning over his shoulder and trying to hear in his headphones, I'm having a whack at it myself. I've done a couple of book trailers and two teaser trailers, so I'm familiar with digital editing software. Jon uses something a lot more complex than Microsoft Movie Maker (which made me absolutely crazy), but it's actually easier to use. I managed to get 12 minutes worth of footage down to just about three minutes of takes that I want to use. My goal tonight is to get the two pieces down a rough cut so I can think about the images. These are voice over recordings not live action scenes, so this is far easier that it would typically be. Sorry, but I won't be putting up any more teases. There is too much I would be giving away. There will be lots of advanced warning debut date.

Demon vs Solders

The story I posted last week prompted a sudden rush of creativity. I had no sooner posted the story when I had a scene in my head for the next Soldier's book. I had been having trouble thinking through that part of the book. Suddenly, it was there. Here is the excerpt. No worries of spoilers, there is a lot of detail left out.

“I know why you sought the Foundation's help, Vampire,” Rik heard Ellie whisper. He had never heard her voice take such a vicious, urgent tone. “The world is now too small for you to be safe. Too many private, powerful entities know about Delphi's research, right?”

“Yes,” came the soft reply. “I haven't resources to hide anymore. The Foundation does.”

“Then know what I am here for and listen well,” Ellie hissed. “If they do not succeed, my husband will follow to get this information. I will not risk him or his family. The last time Rik and Vincent faced a situation like this, they were so badly burned, no one knew if they would recover. The best of Delphi research made them physically well, but it was months before they were as they had been. My husband suffered painfully every day that they were not whole. I will NOT let him suffer that way again. You will protect me, and I will use what the Foundation sent to protect them while they get our asses out of here.”

“The Foundation sent the where with all to escape?”

“No, Rik and Vincent are our escape,” Ellie said bluntly. “What I was sent with will give them the time they need to make sure we get out. To do what I need to do...”

“I must protect you,” Simon enjoined. “How is it that you can protect them? They are living weapons. They are...extraordinary – even by my definition – in what they can do.”

“The Foundation's existence is about protecting them,” Ellie replied in an amused voice. “A staggering amount of resources are devoted to Rik and Vincent's survival...and now yours.”

There was a brief silence. “It is as you say. Moreover, those in possession of Delphi's legacy have become aware of my existence. Their resources outpace even mine. There is no where left for me to hide save for with my kin. I need them and their Foundation. I will do what you need me to do.”

“Okay then. First, put this on.”

“I hardly think...”

“Are you bullet proof, Vampire?” Ellie snapped quietly. “Do you know what an bio-EM pulse will do to your body chemistry?”


“Put it on.”

Rik heard fabric rustling. He knew then that he could sleep. Ellie didn't need protection from Molinar. The Vampire understood that his safety was inextricably tied to theirs. Carefully, he pulled his exhausted lover against his body. Vincent had finally settled into sleep after hours of worry. What Brigadier General Zumwald and the evil Lieutenant Remak trained Ellie to use, he didn't know. But he was certain it would be enough for him and Vincent to act with enough force to get them safely away from their pursuers.

With that, I figured out the back end of the book I'm not fleshing it out in my head, but I'll likely start writing it very soon. This has been a huge relief as I hadn't really written any fiction since before the surgery. There is a lot that is still not right in my world, but it looks a heck of a lot better when I can create.

There will be a lot happening with photo shoots for the promo and development of the series in the next few weeks.

Stay tuned.

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Yvonne said...

With only a few sentences you have hooked me again!!!! I can't wait to see the latest entry in the world of "Soldier".