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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year, New Contests

Okay, we want to get the promtion started on A Soldier's Choice even before the release date. I have e-book versions in Acrobat pdf or Michrosoft Reader complete with the beautiful cover art. All you have to do is answer one of the questions below. They are super hard, but if you click around where I surf, you'll find the answers.

What song from an iconic 1980s film was originally written about a serial killer, but changed to reflect this upbeat, move your feet movie?


For the first time in my writing history, there was a song that reflected the theme of my story. It is called one of the best anime series opening themes ever. It was a series on Adult Swim (thethme is from the second season) and it was an acclaimed cyber punk anime film that influenced the creators of The Matrix. I used a paraphrase of one of the lines for the first line of the back blurb of my book. What is the name of the theme OR the name of the series.

In your replies, let me know which form of the e-book you'd prefer.

Email me at deborahlwarner@gmail.com or post a comment here.

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